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We Accept Guest Posts

Miss Makeup would love to publish your work on our website. We are always looking for fun and interesting articles that our audience would love. Miss Makeup wants to hear from other beauty bloggers willing to share their work with our audience of readers. If you are interested and believe that you can meet the requirements below please fill in the form at the end of this page.

1. The post must be a minimum of 500 words

2. It should begin with a short paragraph about the article and then have subheadings with easy to read paragraphs

3. The topic of the post must be related to beauty, makeup products, reviews and celebrity makeup looks

4. Your article must be original and cannot be posted already on your own blog or on Miss Makeup

5. Submitting an article to Miss Makeup does not guarantee that it will be posted on this blog

6. All photos included within the articles must be original with no copyright

7. Miss Makeup has the rights to review and make small changes to your article to ensure that it fits in with our blogs aesthetic


8. By submitting you are giving Miss Makeup full rights your article and it cannot be reposted onto another blog

9. You can include one backlink to your own blog within the article

10. You must include an author bio at the end of your article including your website link and one social media account

For any specific enquiries about guest posts please email

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