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9 Best Mascaras From Budget Finds to Bigger Splurges - Featuring Galen Leather

Mascara is a beauty product that you can never have enough of but after trying a few it can be hard to know which is the best for you. There are many types of mascaras from volumising to lengthening so finding the right fit can be difficult. In this article we have rounded up our 9 favourite mascaras for different budgets, lash styles and applicators.

The Mascaras:

Shown above are the mascaras we will be discussing in this article. Here is a list of all the mascaras and their prices.

1. Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes - $37 AUD

2. Essence Lash Princess - $7 AUD

3. Tarte Maneater - $37 AUD

4. Tarte Big Ego - $37 AUD

5. Tarte Sea Curl - $37 AUD

6. Maybelline Sky High - $15 AUD

7. Sephora Collection Size Up - $23 AUD

8. Mecca Max Brow Guru - $16 AUD

9. R.E.M Flourishing Lengthening - $15 USD

Round 1: Tarte Lights Camera Lashes, Essence Lash Princess and Tarte Maneater

Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes:

This mascara may be a splurge for some but it's definitely worth its price tag! Marketed as a 4 in 1 product it volumises, curls lengthens AND conditions lashes. If you aren't sure what mascara would suit you then we recommend trying this one our first.

Essence Lash Princess:

The most affordable mascara on our list but one of the best quality products. This mascara went viral on TikTok for its lengthening capabilities and adorable packaging. There are other mascaras within the range including volumising and false lash effect.

Tarte Maneater:

If your lashes need a boost then we recommend this mascara. With its uniquely shaped wand, you won't miss a single lash and you will not be disappointed with the results.

Round 2: Sephora Collection Size Up, R.E.M Beauty Flourishing Lengthening and Mecca Max Brow Guru

Sephora Collection Size Up:

Many compare this mascara to the viral Too Faced mascara but at an even cheaper price! We love the hourglass shape of this wand for reaching lashes even in the inner corners.

R.E.M Beauty Flourishing Lengthening:

One of the newer mascaras on this list, this R.E.M Beauty product is a drier mascara that is perfect for people who are a bit clumsy during application. It would be great for a beginner looking for a more natural look but can also be built on for a bolder look.

Mecca Max Brow Guru:

While this product is created for keeping brow hairs tame it also works great as a clear mascara. The simple shape of the wand and the lasting capabilities of the formula allows the perfect no-makeup makeup look!

Round 3: Tarte Surfer Curl, Maybelline Sky High and Tarte Big Ego

Tarte Sea Curl:

Another Tarte favourite, this vegan mascara comes from their Rainforest Of The Sea collection to nourish and condition lashes. We recommend this product for everyday use to keep lashes hydrated.

Maybelline Sky High:

This Maybelline mascara has completely blown up across all social media platforms and it is very clear why! With just one or two coats, lashes look significantly longer but applying too much will result in spidery lashes so be careful.

Tarte Big Ego:

If you are looking for a mascara that will deliver the same look as your false lashes then look no further. The mascara comes in an ultra black colour that coats lashes while adding significant volume.


If you love the holder we used for these mascaras check out Galen Leather! This product is a high-quality leather pen holder which we have repurposed to store our makeup products. Galen Leather offers a range of leather goods for all needs including makeup bags, stationery holders and handbags. For more about this product and the many others sold by this brand, click here!


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