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13 Best Prom Makeup Looks From Teen Shows & Movies

Who doesn't love a good Prom movie? From the crowning of the Prom Queen to the crazy drama that always seems to happen on Prom Night. In this Miss Makeup article, I have rounded up 13 of the best prom makeup looks from all of your favourite teen tv shows and movies.

1. Mean Girls

Regina: Use an icy eyeshadow shade on your lids and pair with a glossy pink lip

Cady: Kept her look more natural with nude tones against her full coverage base

2. The Kissing Booth

Elle paired her lip gloss to her Prom dress perfectly in this look. The brown shades used also helped to bring out her green eyes.

3. She's All That

A very 90s look for Laneys Prom makeup! I love the deeper shade on her lips and smokey eyeshadow shades.

4. 10 Things I Hate About You

Kat: Look at those eyebrows, what a look! The matching dress and eyeshadow really complete the look

Bianca: She wore a similar makeup look to her sister with the exception of her darker lipstick

5. Twilight

Not only did Bellas makeup look match her outfit but also the theme of the Prom, talk about coordination! The shades are used to accentuate her natural face shape and compliment her skin tone.

6. Drive Me Crazy

Following the trend of simple makeup looks, Melissa Joan Hearts character uses natural tones for her eyes. Her shiny lip glosses emphasises her lips and pulls together the whole look.

7. Dawsons Creek

Joey's makeup look is fairly simple but she spices it up with a red-brown lipstick. I love how the makeup look is as elegant as her dress and hairstyle.

8. Gossip Girl

Blair always took her makeup looks that one step further and her bronzy glow is certainly perfected in this Prom look. To achieve this look use neutral shades on the eyes with a juicy red nude lipgloss.

9. One Tree Hill

Peyton's makeup look was my favourite of all the One Tree Hill girls Honey Grove Prom looks. It was very glowy making her skin seem so youthful and fresh.

10. 90210

Annie is wearing one of the darker Prom makeup looks from this article. Her eye makeup includes more smoked out shades and a layer of dark eyeliner.

11.The O.C

Marissa's fresh no makeup, makeup look definitely fits into today's style of makeup almost 20 years later. Her barely-there shade of lipstick doesn't take away from her gorgeous Prom dress.

12. Beverly Hills, 90210

Kelly and Brenda's matching Prom looks didn't stop at the dress. Both 90210 girls used a burgundy lipstick and heavily blushed their cheeks.

13. Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Buffy's lip gloss in her Prom look is such a pretty shade! I also love the flush in brings out in her cheeks.


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