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‘Bridgerton’ Hair and Makeup Designer Erika Okvist Shares Her Favourite Products and Working On Set

As Bridgerton becomes Netflix's most-watched English tv show, people are loving the show and its characters more than ever. In particular, the makeup and hair looks have been of interest to many fans of the show who wonder how they come to life. Miss Makeup was very fortunate to have interviewed Erika Okvist the makeup and hair designer to discuss all things Bridgerton beauty! Keep scrolling to read the interview...

1. When did you first get into beauty and what made you choose it as a career path? I was trained as a fashion designer and got into doing makeup on a fluke, on a film I was doing costume design on. And have not looked back. That was more than 20 years ago.

2. Which character did you have the most fun designing looks for during Bridgerton Season 2? I adored every look and every character, but the Queen is obviously a clear favourite.

3. What are the top 3 most used products in your makeup kit? Pat McGrath Highlighting duo stick, Under eye blur powder and the Devine Rose Mothership 7

4. Can you walk us through the process of creating makeup looks for the show? We do about 3 fittings with the actor, the makeup and hair artist that is going to do the look every day, and me. During these, we kind of find the character together in terms of looks shapes and textures.

5. How do you keep makeup looking fresh and natural on camera? That’s attention to detail when looking at the monitors. The camera will look at the face different than the naked eye. And the camera will read a face different in every different new light.

6. If you could only keep one item from the Pat McGrath Labs X Bridgerton collection, what would it be? Blushing Delight!

7. What does a typical day in your life on set look like? Oh in the morning we have about 3 hours of makeup before the actors dress and are on set for 8. I will either make someone up or if it's a ball day I will walk for the whole morning looking at all the different hair and makeups, to then do a line up where I do quality control on all the work. I will travel with the cast to the set to make sure it all looks good. The rest of the day will be spent prepping for all the new looks and fitting all the new looks.

8. How would you describe the ‘Bridgerton look’ to someone trying to recreate the show's makeup looks? I would say a Regency with heightened reality

9. Congratulations on winning a BAFTA! What advice do you have for aspiring makeup artists wanting to achieve the same success? Believe in yourself and always be yourself. Ask for help if you need it, you are never too old to learn new things. Surround yourself with fiercely talented people and exchange knowledge because you never stop learning and be KIND

10. Lastly, if you lived in the Bridgerton universe which character would you want to be? It would have to be a mix between Lady Danbury and Lady Violet


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