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Bronzer V.S Contour: What Is The Difference?

Bronzer V.S Contour, you've heard of both products and have surely used at least one but what is the difference between them. In this Miss Makeup article, I will be explaining what both bronzer and contour are used for as well as how you can tell the difference between them. Keep reading to find out!


What is it used for?

Bronzer is used to warm up your face after applying complexion products for a more tanned and golden look.

Where do you apply it?

- On the corners of the forehead

- Along the jawline

- In the dips of your cheekbones

How do I know what shade it is?

Bronzers are warm brown colours and can sometimes have a slight shimmer.

What type of makeup product is it?

- Bronzing powder

- Cream bronzer stick

- Bronzing palette


What is it used for?

Contour is used for sculpting and defining features of your face. It creates shadows which make an illusion of different face shape.

Where do you apply it?

- Along the jawline to remove a double chin

- Across the forehead to make it look smaller

- Under cheekbones to create a shadow

How do I know what shade it is?

Contour products are deep brown colours and can have a purple undertone.

What type of makeup product is it?

- Contour powder

- Cream contour stick

- Bronze and Contour palette


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