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Brooke Davis' Best One Tree Hill Beauty Moments

Calling all One Tree Hill Fans! I don't wanna be anything or then... Brooke Davis. This article is all about how you create some of B Davis's best makeup looks from the show. But be warned, there are spoilers for all nine seasons of One Tree Hills so proceed with caution if you haven't finished the show. Brooke Davis was known in the show as a style icon and with each amazing outfit came an even better makeup look. Keep reading to learn all of Brookes beauty secrets.

Haley and Nathans Wedding

Brooke does a great job in balancing her makeup and outfit with this look. She balances out the bold red of the dress with a more subtle makeup look. The makeup focuses mainly on a clear complexion and a nude blotted lip.

The Devil For Halloween

Its Halloween, which means a little extra glam for B Davis! Brooke wears a look which is very on-trend with the current makeup products. Glossy makeup is everything right now so this red gloss eye and lip combo is EVERYTHING. Heaps of beauty brands have been releasing face and eye glosses lately so try one out if you want to recreate this look.

Red Lips Party Look

In the earlier seasons, Brooke experimented more with her makeup looks including using bold colours like this bright red lipstick. A hint of blush on the apple of her cheeks really helps her complexion to compliment her lips. To recreate the look: wear a bold red liquid or bullet lipstick.

The 1940's Episode

It's safe to say that everyone was rocking some pretty amazing looks for the 1940s episode but there was something about Brookes that stood out against the others. To recreate the look use heaps of blush, wear a bright lip and use a dot of eyeliner for the mole.

First Appearance

Contrary to popular belief, fan favourite Brooke Davis was actually not in the Pilot episode of the show. She was introduced in the second episode as Peyton's cheerleading friend. This is a great makeup look for her first appearance as it is super natural while highlighting her features. Get the look by using a nude lip gloss on the lips and neutral brown shadows.

Brooke and Julians Wedding

Last but not least we have one of Brookes most iconic looks. One the day she went from Brooke Davis to Brooke Davis-Baker, Brooke was absolutely glowing (and so was her makeup). Opting for a dewy skin look, the complexion is perfectly paired with a peachy nude gloss and sparkling bronzer.


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