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Brow Maintenance: 5 Essential Eyebrow Care Products and Tools

Taking care of your brows is really important for your self-care and beauty routine. Eyebrows help to shape your face so maintaining them and keeping them nourished will do wonders. Keeping your eyebrows neat also makes the task of applying makeup easier because they are already shaped.

1. Tweezers

This is the #1 tool for keeping brow hairs neat and tidy. Be sure to apply a moisturiser before applying to ease any pain. Also, be aware of the shape you are creating to avoid overplucking.

2. Brow Serum

The serum is one of the simplest ways to keep brow hairs moisturised and to encourage growth. This product is great for anyone who has sparse brows and is looking to grow them thicker.

3. Brow Scissors

Brow scissors should be used carefully to avoid cutting the incorrect shape. Try to opt for scissors that are slightly curved for ease of use.

4. Brow Mask

Brow masks are that extra boost of self-care that can really take your brows to the next level. The ingredients such as hyaluronic acid help to nourish not just brow hairs but the skin underneath to stimulate moisture.

5. Spoolie

A spoolie is a necessary brush in every person's makeup kit because it can be used daily to tame brow hairs. This brush can be used without product to manipulate brow hairs or it can be used as an applicator for pomades and gels.


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