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An Extensive Guide To Celebrity Owned Makeup Brands

With so many new makeup brands being released it can be hard to keep track of all the new products. Its become very popular for celebrities and beauty influencers to release their own brand over the past few years. This article is an extensive guide to all of the celebrity brands including where to shop, their price and product range. Keep reading below for more.



1. Kylie Cosmetics

Celebrity: Kylie Jenner

Price: $$

2. Florence By Mills

Celebrity: Millie Bobby Brown

Price: $$

3. Honest Beauty

Celebrity: Jessica Alba

Price: $$

Where To Shop: Honest Beauty

4. Haus Laboratories

Celebrity: Lady Gaga

Price: $$

Where To Shop: Haus Labs

5. Fenty Beauty

Celebrity: Rhianna

Price: $$

Where To Shop: Fenty Beauty, Sephora

6. Flower Beauty

Celebrity: Drew Barrymore

Price: $

7. Rare Beauty

Celebrity: Selena Gomez

Price: ???

Where To Shop: Will be available at Sephora upon the launch date

8. KKW Beauty

Celebrity: Kim Kardashian West

Price: $$

Where To Shop: KKW Beauty, Ulta

9. Victoria Beckham Beauty

Celebrity: Victoria Beckham

Price: $$

10. Illuminate Cosmetics

Celebrity: Ashley Tisdale

Price: $$

Where To Shop: Illuminate Cosmetics has been discontinued as of 2020

Other Celebrities Rumored To Release Brands...

- Bieber Beauty by Hailey Bieber

- Cardi B

- Gwen Stefani


Are there any brands that we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

- xoxo Miss Makeup

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