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Every Product Kylie Jenner Uses In Her Daily Makeup Routine (And One Isn't From Kylie Cosmetics)

At the end of October. Kylie Jenner released a Youtube video detailing all of the products involved in her daily flawless makeup look. This video was a gift to her fans that try to recreate her looks and now know all of her favourite products. Jenner also shared her application tips for some of the products and some of them are very clever. Keep reading below to learn more about her makeup routine.

Before beginning to apply her makeup Kylie Jenner clipped her hair away from her face to avoid getting any product in it. Then the 'Kylie Cosmetics' beauty boss gave fans a sneak peek into a future product launching on the site, a Kylie makeup mirror.

The makeup look began with 2 squirts of her Kylie Cosmetics primer which the KUWTK star rubbed over her face while saying that "it just makes my makeup lay so much better" Jenner then moved on to use her Kylie Skin lip mask which she described as being "heaven"

To begin her base Kylie used Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation which her older sister Kim is also a fan of. She mixed 3 squirts of 6.5 with one squirt of 9 to create the perfect shade that Kylie "loves how it looks on her skin" To apply the foundation Jenner uses a Kylie Cosmetics buffing brush in Number 6.

A tip that Kylie shared when applying her foundation is that she applies a thin layer with a brush and then goes over it with a beauty blender to prevent streaking. Concealer was next and the self-made billionaire used her own product in the shade Maple with a dot of Himalaya to cancel out her undereye circles. Using a light brush with her setting powder in Soft Pink she did a light set under the eyes and then baked using the shade Translucent with a beauty blender. Jenner continued to set the rest of her face besides the under eyes with Beige exclaiming that "it makes your face look warm"

Kylie uses the shade Medium Brown in an eyebrow pencil and Cool brown in the powder for her eyebrows and for the everyday look she likes to keep them looking "more natural". Moving onto the eyes Jenner shared that "for an everyday eye look I always go for my Bronze Palette". She then proceeded to mix Topaz and Tiger Eye which she described as a "cool tone brown and a warm tone brown" for her crease which she blended out the edge of her eyebrow.

Using a flat packing brush Kylie tapped the shade Jasper onto the centre of her eyelid which she says gives her a "faux cut crease" The 13 and 15 eyeshadow brushes were used to create the eye look.

Raving about her new eye glazes Kylie Jenner said that they are "an amazing thing to have in your makeup collection, it's so easy to apply and it just amplifies your look" She opted for Brown Sugar which she tapped into the centre of her eyelid using her finger.

"My favourite paaaart!" Kylie Jenner sang as she held up her kyliner and applied it while the cameraman held up the mirror.

After dusting away the setting powder from earlier the makeup entrepreneur mixed her bronzers in the shades Tequila Tan and Toasty to warm and contour her face.

Mixing her blush shades in Baddie On The Block and Winter Kissed she used the Number 30 brush to dust the product onto the apples of her cheeks.

Claiming her favourite kylighter shade to be Queen Drip (stay tuned for a review on this soon) she added a glow to her cheekbones, nose and cupids bow.

After deciding between the Candy K or Kylie lip kit, Jenner ultimately decided on Kylie for her lipstick shade. When using her Kylie lip kit she lines her lips "all the way in" and adds the lipstick in the centre, blending it out with her fingers.

Kylie Jenner finishes off her makeup look with a coat of mascara and her very own Kylie setting spray.

You can shop all of the products mentioned in this article on with an exception of the foundation which can be purchased on



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