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First Time Makeup Buyers: 8 Tricks For Building Your Kit

Everyone has to start their makeup collection off somewhere, whether you are a teen or adult but it can be difficult to know where to start. It's never too late to build your kit so keep reading for tips on how to choose the best products for you.

1. Start off by browsing the drugstore

By browsing through products at a lower price point, you are less likely to regret your purchase if the product turns out to not be a good fit. The drugstore has a variety of options for brands, shades and formulas which are a makeup newbies dream.

2. Invest in a quality foundation

Foundation is a product that you will want to last all day and will be something that you wear quite often. It's important to choose a foundation that is high quality and is good value for money.

3. Speak with a makeup consultant

Makeup consultants at stores such as Sephora and Priceline are there to assist you and they can be very helpful. If you have any questions about products that may suit you or how to apply makeup then they would be the best person to ask. Many stores will also offer demonstrations and samples that will assist with learning about makeup.

4. Choose one high-quality eyeshadow palette

Be smart when purchasing eyeshadow especially as a beginner because you won't end up using dozens of $70 palettes. If you know the style of makeup that you are trying to achieve, pick one or two palettes that have those shades and invest in purchasing them.

5. Experiment with different lip shades

Lipstick is a fun way to express yourself with makeup and there is literally every colour of the rainbow to choose from. Pick out a few shades that you think might suit you and experiment with different looks.

6. Pick a makeup bag that suits your stash

Choosing a bag that is the right size will help with the accessibility of your makeup daily and fitting in all of your essential products.

7. Use Pinterest for inspiration

Create boards that will inspire the kinds of looks you want to create and this will help you choose the shades of products needed to create them. You can also find makeup swatches, videos and tutorials for inspo.

8. Watch Youtube videos for product recommendations

Finding beauty gurus that have a similar makeup style to you or are the same shade will help you find products you might like. Many reviews will be really honest and will give you the opportunity to see what products look like in different lighting, away from professional photography.


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