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The Best Beauty Moments From The Gossip Girl Cast In The Show & IRL

Today's celebrity makeup article is a little different. Miss Makeup has partnered with Gossip Girl fan account 'goossiipgiirrl' to present our favourite makeup looks from the Gossip Girl cast. In this article, we have included looks from the show as well as red carpets, photoshoots etc. of the cast. All images in this article are courtesy of goossiipgiirrl' Instagram page which you can check out here

1. Blair Waldorf: The Early Seasons

A simple makeup look with flushed cheeks and a red headband to match.

2. Leighton Meester And Ed Westwick Photoshoot

A gorgeous highlight and baby pink lipstick with a side of Chuck Bass

3. Blair Waldorf In Paris

Why so sad B? Thick black eyeliner and red lipstick to compliment her dress. A heavier makeup look than we would usually see on the UES Queen.

4. Jenny Humphrey: Not So Little J Anymore

As the seasons progressed, so did the amount of eye makeup Jenny wore. In this episode the shadows are dark but the lipstick gives the look a pop of colour.

5. Blair Waldorf At The Bass Brunch

A classic Blair Waldorf look. Shiny lips, neutral eyeshadows and a headband.

6. Leighton Meester Photoshoot

The deep red lipstick looks stunning on Meester for this photoshoot.

7. Blake Lively At The Met Gala 2018

Blake Lively's Met Gala looks are always a fan favourite. Her smile is just as radiant as her highlight.

8. Leighton Meester Photoshoot

A look that I definitely want to recreate! The shimmer on the eyes are the focus of this look and the shiny pink lips are subtle but perfectly match.

9. Serena Van Der Woodsen in Season 4

A more beachy look from this It girl. By adding some shimmery metallic eyeshadows, Serena transformed her usual makeup look.

10. Blair Waldorf On Thanksgiving

A pop of pink lipgloss is a must for the girls of the Upper East Side and Blair definitely pulled it off. The warm brown eyeshadows keep to the neutral shades of her outfit.

11. Blake Lively On The Red Carpet

After moving on from her Gossip Girl style, Blake has maintained beautiful makeup looks with this combination. The copper eyeshadows tones contrast with the light pink lip but suit her complexion and hair colour.

12. Georgina Sparks

The GG character we all love to hate was very natural when it came to her makeup looks. This look is one that can easily be replicated with a light BB cream and silver eyeshadows.

13. Jenny Humphrey: Edgy But Stylish

14. Jessica Szhor: Vanessa Is All Grown Up

A deep nude lipstick and bronzy eyes with eyebrows we all envy. We are liking this new look for Jessica!

15. Ivy Dickens and Lola Rhodes

Ivy: Shimmer and sparkle are what I can say for this makeup look. It goes perfectly with the beaded dress.

Lola: A natural beauty with a pretty makeup look


Getting To Know The Collaborator: Goossiipgiirrl

Tell us about your page?

"It's a Gossip Girl fan page and even though the show ended a long time ago, many people still watch it. I want people to remember the show through my page because a fandom never really dies out!! I let people get to know me better by creating Instagram highlights about different parts of my personal life"


Our Gossip Girl Opinions

Favourite Character?

GG: Queen B

MM: Blair Waldorf

Favourite Couples?

GG: I ship Chuck and Blair & Serena and Nate

MM: Chuck and Blair but I can't decide between Nate or Dan for Serena

Favourite Episode?

GG: I don't really have a fave episode, but I love the episodes about B being the designer for Waldorf Designs.

MM: The masquerade ball in the first season and the 100th episode especially the musical number.

Favourite Look From The Article?

GG: Number 11 of Blake Lively

MM: Number 8 of Leighton Meester


Check out both of our Instagram pages for more Gossip Girl and makeup related content. Tell us which look you liked the most in the comments below or on our Instagram stories.

You know you love us

- xoxo Miss Makeup & Goossiipgiirrl

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