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Gossip Girl Reboot: Zoya Lott - Recreate The New Upper East Siders Makeup Looks

Hey Upper East Siders, Gossip Girl here and I have the biggest news ever. You may recall the Gossip Girl makeup articles we released a year ago but just as suddenly we’re back. To celebrate the release of the Gossip Girl Reboot, Miss Makeup will be breaking down some of the best makeup looks and products from the first set of episodes. We’ve got all the beauty secrets of your new favourite Upper East Siders Julien Calloway, Zoya Lott, Luna La and Audrey Hope. Keep reading to find out exactly how to steal these Manhattan It girls beauty looks.


Zoya Lott

Zoya is one of the younger characters on the show so her makeup is usually more natural. The shows makeup artist Amy Tagliamonti curated Lotts colour palette to include warm eyes and plenty of natural shades for lips. The characters makeup is set to progress to bolder looks throughout the series and she's already been spotted with some gorgeous shimmering eyes looks in promos.

The complexion is important for recreating Zoyas look because her skin is always looking smooth and fresh. Try the Make Up Forever HD Foundation and concealer for a base that is long-lasting. Tagliamonti suggests applying the product using firstly a brush and then smoothing out any streaks with a beauty sponge especially for the under eyes. You don't need too much product for Zoyas look, just enough to cover any dark spots or discolouration on the skin.

Keeping a youthful look, blush is a great way to add colour to the cheeks without being overpowering with pigment. Zoyas face products become the centre of her makeup looks when she opts for a more natural lip so using the perfect blush is essential. For the show, Amy Tagliamonti loves the Mented Cosmetics blush in a berry shade to add warmth to the complexion.

For her nights out, Zoya uses a shimmery eyeshadow to transition her day makeup to a night look. Silver cream shadows are a favourite for Tagliamonti who uses the Lorac Lux Diamond Creme in Cashmere. The best way to apply is using your fingertip to distribute the product evenly across the eyelid. For even more sparkle, spray the product or your brush with setting spray!

Zoya uses a lot of tinted lip balms and lip oils throughout the show including Maybelline Baby Lips and Burts Bees Tinted Lip Balm. One of her most notable lip looks is the Paw Paw Rich Mocha balm which is a beautiful shiny brown shade.


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