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How To Choose The Best Eyeshadow Shades For Your Eye Colour

Makeup brands have become a lot more creative in recent years when it comes to developing new eyeshadow shades. With so many colour palettes and shadows to choose from it can be hard to know what colours will suit you. Well, thanks to the colour wheel you are now able to know which shade will compliment the colour of your eyes. Keep reading to see what eyeshadow shades you should be wearing based on your eye colour.

Blue Eyes

Orange is the opposite colour to blue on the colour wheel. This means that gold and shimmer shades compliment blue eyes the most. Try light neutral tones on the lid and avoid harsh black colours. Instead, opt for a bronze or brown eyeliner

Brown Eyes

Yay! You have the most versatile eye colour. Bronze and gold will bring out your eyes while greens make them look lighter. Add black liner or shadow on the lash line to smoke out your eye looks.

Grey Eyes

This is a rare eye colour so the complementary shades are quite limited. Silver and metallic shadows will work well for this colour. Steel or blue shade can add depth to your look.

Green/Hazel Eyes

Red is opposite to green on the colour wheel. This is why pink or rosy shades pair well with hazel eyes. A deep eggplant or mahogany shade will ensure your eye colour pops. Black is too harsh so opt for a silver or charcoal shade instead.


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