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How To Contour Based On Your Face Shape

Contouring is all about shading some areas of the face and brightening others. You may think your an expert on all things sculpting but are you applying the products in accordance with your face shape. Everybody has a different face shape and the way that they contour will be completely different than yours. If you're looking to slim or sculpt your face shape keep reading for the guide below.

What products do I use?

To contour you use a powder or cream bronzer. This should be a shade darker than your foundation. For a natural look, you would use a cool bronzer but for a more dramatic look, you should use a bronze or golden shade.

Where do I contour?

The most basic rule of contouring is to go from lighter in the centre of the face to darker shadowing on the outer edges. You should then use a fluffy brush and apply the product in the shape of a 3 on either side of your face. The 3 should start near the middle of your forehead, curve down to the middle of your cheeks and then curve on your jawline. Remember not to apply too much product to the brush and to blend so that there are no obvious lines.

The Face Shapes


- The forehead is slightly larger than the chin area with high cheekbones

To Contour: Using the 3 method works the best for this face shape focusing on the forehead


- The forehead, cheekbones and jaw are the same widths

To Contour: Focus on the corners of the forehead and jaw with the slightest contour under the cheekbones


- The width and length of the face are similar creating a circular shape

To Contour: The 3 method is effective for this shape but avoids putting too much product on the jawline and chin as it will prevent the face from looking longer


- The forehead is wide and the face slims down to a sharp chin

To Contour: Apply product to the usual areas (forehead and cheekbones) but not on the jawline as it is already sharp. Instead, apply the bronzer to the chin to make it shorter and rounder


- Forehead, cheekbones and jawline are the same widths with a longer chin

To Contour: Instead of contouring the sides of the face, focus on the forehead, jawline and chin in long lines


Thank you for reading this article. Comment your face shape down below

- xoxo Miss Makeup

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