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How To: No Makeup, Makeup Look With 9 Simple Steps

Everyone wants that effortlessly flawless beauty look but this can be very hard to achieve without also looking like you've caked your face with makeup. That's why the no-makeup makeup look was created! It looks super natural but with a hint of glow. Keep reading this article to learn how you can achieve this look in 8 simple steps.

Step #1: Moisturise!

I cannot stress the importance o2f moisturiser enough (and yes even people with oily skin need to use it too). Under every good makeup look is an even better base so you should always start your routine with a good moisturiser. Bonus points if it also has SPF!

Step #2: Illuminating Primer

What better way to get that glowing from within look than with an illuminating primer. Don't be shy with this product because the majority of the glow will be mixed into your complexion products. Primer is also a step you should never skip in any makeup routine.

Step #3: BB Cream

When going for a no-makeup, makeup looks it's important to be very light on the complexion products. That's why it's better to opt for a BB Cream over a foundation. The product will be lighter on the skin and have less coverage so you don't look too cakey.

Step #4 Brightening Concealer

An important element of this kind of look is looking bright and awake, that's where concealer comes in. Be sure to use one shade lighter than your foundation shade for a brightening effect. Blend the product using a damp beauty sponge for a more natural finish.

Step #5: Cream Blush

In order to achieve a natural makeup look your face needs to look naturally flushed. Opt for a blush stick over powder blush for a more seamless blend. Powder products can build up on the skin when layered so when going for something more natural.

Step #6: Cream Bronzer

Now before you go all crazy and start contouring your face here are some things to consider. We are aiming for a natural look so apply the cream bronzer in the same places you would put your regular bronzer. Avoid using too much product because that's the difference between a sculpted look and a bronzed look.

Step #7: Cream Highlighter

Using a highlighter stick will top of your luminous makeup look. Be sure to apply the product on the high products of your face with a light hand. Diffuse with a beauty blender for the best finish.

Step #8: Clear Mascara/Brow Gel

Keep things simple by using a clear mascara and brow gel. This will keep all the hairs in place without a bold or "painted on" look. As for lashes, you can also use an eyelash curler before applying the mascara.

Step #9: Lip Tint

Last but not least, lips. Ditch the liquid lipsticks and sticky glosses for this look because we are going for a natural look. Use a coloured lip tint that will accentuate the natural colour of your lips while also giving a bit of shine.


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- xoxo Miss Makeup

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