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How To Subtly Match Your Makeup To Your Outfit

When you’re creating a perfect outfit, you’ll need to consider every part of the look so that you can look great. Matching your outfit with your hair and makeup can make your ensemble look really cohesive. There are many ways you can subtly match your makeup to your outfit without overdoing it. By paying close attention to colour theory and seasonal trends you can really tie your look together. Here are all the things you should pay attention to when it comes to subtly matching your makeup to your outfit.

Think Carefully About Colours

Bold or muted colours can look amazing however, if you’re wearing too many bold or muted tones you could look very washed out. Paying close attention to the colours of your outfit can make creating a makeup look much easier. For example, if you’re wearing a bright blue dress, resist the temptation to wear matching blue eyeshadow. Too much colour blocking can look too crowded on the face so instead, go for a subtle eyeshadow look that includes similar shades - this way your look will be cohesive, but not overpowering.

Consider The Metals You’re Wearing

Do you wear gold or silver jewellery? This is important for creating a good makeup look. For example, cool metals such as silver go better with shades with cooler undertones such as light pink, baby blue, or other pastel shades. Metals like gold go well with earthy warm tones such as mocha, bronze and deep green. Matching your metals with your makeup is a great way to make you look more editorial.

Distribute Colours Evenly

Even the most experienced makeup artists sometimes find this difficult. If you have too many conflicting colours or too much makeup on, these elements can get lost in your look. For example, pairing a lipstick colour with your dress is a difficult task to get right. However, playing around with your makeup and evenly applying your product can make sure that your makeup doesn’t overpower your face.

Co-ordinate, Don’t Copy

Coordination is much better than directly duplicating the look. For example, picking two colours and basing your entire outfit on them can become overpowering. Try to pick colours that go well together instead of directly matching them. This could mean using lighter colours when wearing white to compliment the look, rather than directly match it.

Here’s a more in-depth guide to help you -


Lipstick is always a showstopper. It’s often the focal point of your makeup look. However, if it clashes with your outfit, it could really stand out. That doesn’t mean you have to shy away from a bold red lip though! One main rule for makeup and fashion should be if you’re going to be bold, choose one or the other. If you’re wearing monotone colours such as a little black dress, opting for a bold berry lipstick could look amazing. However, if you’re wearing a busy animal print, go for a softer pink.


Blush should never be directly matched to your clothing as this can really wash your natural skin out. It’s better to pick a natural, light blush that goes well with your complexion instead. As long as it suits your skin tone, you will look amazing!


Eyeshadow, like blush, is also an area in which you must be careful. Instead of directly matching your eyeshadow, try to apply shades that complement rather than match. However, when you’re wearing muted tones, you can afford to be a bit more experimental with your eye makeup look.


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Zoe-Louise Thomlinson is a freelance writer who loves to write about fashion. When she’s not shopping for this summer’s festival outfits, she’s looking for the next scoop about high fashion or helping people find their personal style. You can connect with her on Twitter here @ZoeThomlinson

This is a guest post. It was not written by the Miss Makeup team.

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