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9 Iconic Makeovers From Classic Teen Movies

Rom-coms and teen movies are somewhat known for their iconic transformation scenes. We love to watch them just as much as movies love including them. So many of these makeover scenes are timeless classics so here is a list of the 9 most iconic makeovers from classic teen movies

The Devil Wears Prada

In order to work with the best, Andy needed to look the best and that's exactly what she did for this movie makeover. She completely transformed her clothes, hair and makeup look to fit in perfectly at Miranda Priestly's office.

She's All That

Probably the most recognisable movie makeover comes from Laney Boggs in She's All That. Described as the new, not improved Laney it really shows what a new outfit and haircut can do for you.


Little did Cher know that by giving Tais appearance a makeover she would also be making over her personality. She may not have turned out to be the best person after the makeover but it sure gave her a completely new look.

The Breakfast Club

It wouldn't be a movie makeover list without including this transformation. The Breakfast Club pulled off the drastic change from emo goth to homecoming queen all while they were stuck in Detention.

Easy A

When Olive Penderghast started spreading those rumours in Easy A, we all knew that the makeover scene would soon follow. With an update to her wardrobe, Olive gave herself one of the biggest movies transformations.

The Princess Diaries

Another Anne Hathaway movie makeover we are loving is Mia Thermopolis in The Princess Diaries. With the help of a straightening iron and some tweezers, this transformation is fit for a Genovian Queen.

Miss Congeniality

While this transformation was necessary for the plot of the movie, Miss Congeniality sure did a good job in turning Sandra Bullock's character intro a pageant queen.

Mean Girls

Cady Heron transformed from Home School Jungle Freak to Spring Fling Queen throughout the course of Mean Girls. With the influence of the Plastics, Cady started wearing more pink clothes and doing her makeup complete with a glossy lip.


This good girl gone bad transformation will forever be remembered as one of the most iconic scenes in movie history. Sandy curled her hair, added a layer of red lipstick and voila a whole new look!


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