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Katy Keene Makeup Tutorial: Recreate The CW Star's Beauty Look

Katy Keene is the latest stylish and fashionable character to grace the screens of the CW. Played by Lucy Hale, she described as an aspiring fashion designer and dreamer living in modern New York City. If you haven't already watched the show then what are you waiting for! It premiered last Thursday on the CW and has already gained a large fan base.

One thing in particular that people (including myself) have been loving about the show are Katy's makeup and outfits. After completing a survey on Instagram, 94% of Miss Makeups followers wanted a Katy Keene makeup tutorial so here it is!

This makeup look is based on Katy Keene's makeup from the trailer and pilot as pictured above.



Katy's makeup look is very simple but flushed and glowing. Her complexion is smooth and bright so applying your foundation and concealer as normal will work just fine. Her base is very matte which can be achieved using a matte foundation or setting your foundation with a pressed powder.


One of the main focuses of Katy's makeup look is making her green eyes pop. Here is a basic eyeshadow look which will enlarge and brighten your eyes just like Lucy Hales.

1. Take a light brown shade on a fluffy brush and blend it into your crease

2. Using a flat liner brush, apply a plum shade just above your lashline

3. Layer a chocolate brown on the outer corner of the lash line using the same brush


Katy's lashes are important for framing her eyes and making them look more open. Simply curl your lashes and apply 2-3 coats of mascara to add length and volume. To pull together the eye look, add a tiny bit of mascara to the bottom lash line being sure not to take attention away from the eyelid.


Lucy Hale is known for having some of the most gorgeous, full and shaped eyebrows in teen tv. Her iconic brow look is easily replicated by filling in your brows with a pomade or powder. Keep to the natural shape of your brows to keep them looking more natural and not like they have been drawn on. Use a clear brow gel over the top to soften the brow hairs and relax the brow shape.


Flushed cheeks and a subtle glow are the main appeals to this makeup look for many people. It looks effortless and natural while still feeling put together. Dust a peachy pink blush over the apples of the cheeks to deliver the same flushed look. For the glow, the slightest bit of liquid highlighter will accentuate your cheekbones just like Katy Keene's.


I was definitely drawn to this makeup look after seeing Lucy Hales plump red lips. Red lipstick is universal but finding the right kind of red for you is important. Lucy Hale is fairly pale so this bright and rich red works perfect for her. Be sure to use a lip primer and lip liner before applying the lipstick to ensure a bold colour and zero transfer. Here are some beautiful red lipsticks that you could try.

Things To Avoid:

- Katy's pale complexion is the result of no bronzer or contour

- Keep everything blended with no harsh lines

- Avoid bright eyeshadow shades that clash with the lipstick shade


Thank you for reading this article! I hope you enjoyed it and I would love to see your Katy Keene makeup recreations. Check out Miss Makeup on Instagram for exclusive content and some surprises coming soon.

- xoxo Miss Makeup

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