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Kylie Cosmetics 2.0 - Your Guide To The Relaunch Of Kylie Jenners Makeup Brand

Are you ready for the all-new Kylie Cosmetics? Yep, that's right Kylie Jenner has completely wiped the slate clean for a relaunch of her beauty brand Kylie Cosmetics. Ever since selling a 51% stake to Coty, there have been rumours of a rebrand and it's finally arrived! The new Kylie Cosmetics now has completely clean and vegan formulas which fans have been begging for since its first launch in 2014.

So what's new?

Kylie Cosmetics relaunched most of its original products including its lip kits, matte liquid lipsticks, high glosses, kylighter, bronzer, blush and brow products plus all new gel eyeliners. The products are still available at the same price but fans are promised even better quality than the OG's. Also, most of the original shades including Koko K, Kylie and Mary Jo K are still available to purchase in the new formula. Since the brands relaunch they have released their first collection for Kylies birthday the 24K Collection with limited availability from 10/8.

Where can I buy the new Kylie Cosmetics?

To add to the excitement, Kylie Cosmetics is also expanding to stock products globally! While the brand is still available online at (which now also houses Kylie Skin) you will now be able to purchase it in-store in Australia at Mecca Maxima, Boots in the UK and many more stores around the world.



Matte Lip Kit

Available in 37 shades. Promises a non-drying formula that lasts up to 8 hours. The kit still comes with matte liquid lipstick and matching lip liner.

High Gloss

Available in 29 shimmer and coloured shades. It now has a new lip applicator for ease of use and promises "ultra shine and comfort".

Matte Liquid Lipstick

Available in 35 shades. The lipstick comes in most of the same shades as the lip kit that have a "true matte finish" that can be paired with their lip liners.

Lip Liner

Available in 9 shades. A newly improved creamy lip liner is available in shades unique from the lip kits. You can practically get a whole new lip look for a fraction of the price. A sharpener is also available on the website.



Gel Eyeliner Pencil

Available in a fun range of 15 shades. The liners are shimmery, matte, colourful and natural for every eye look imaginable.

Liquid Eyeliner Pen

Comes in a rich black shade with a pointed brush.



Kybrow Pencil

Available in 6 shades. The first step in the brow routine is to fill and shape.

Kybrow Highlighter

Available in 6 shimmery shades. It can be used to brighten and define the brow bone.

Kybrow Pomade

Available in 6 shades. The last step in the brow routine is to colour and sculpt. This product pairs well with the Kybrow brush for the best application.



Pressed Powder Blush

Available in 9 shades for a flush of pink to a bright peach. The pigment is much stronger with this formula looser powder. The blush comes in a smaller packaging with no more drip pressed into the product.

Pressed Bronzing Powder

Available in 6 shades for all skin tones. The newer formula is said to have blurring properties and a stronger pigment for greater warmth on the skin. Just like the blush, it also doesn't have the drips pressed into the powder.

Kylighter Illuminating Powder

Available in 6 glowing shades for an "all over instant glow". The new product has a KYLIE printed pressed into the powder and comes in Kylie's favourite shade 'Queen Drip'.


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