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Kylie Jenner's Best Makeup Looks Of 2019 - Collaboration With @kyliejennerarmyx

To wrap up 2019 @kyliejennerarmyx and I have collected some of our favourite Kylie Jenner makeup looks of the year. These include her product announcements, Halloween costume and Met Gala looks. All of the photos have been reposted from @kyliejennerarmyx whose account you can check out by clicking the name above. Let us know in the comments below which look was your favourite.

1. BTS Of A Kylie Cosmetics Photoshoot

Kylie's pink glam is complete with perfectly filled-in brows and gold eyeshadow on the centre of the lid.

2. Kylie As Ariel For Halloween

This is one of the most popular makeup looks of this Halloween and is completed using all Kylie Cosmetics products including that gorgeous red lipstick.

3. Kylie As Marilyn Monroe For Halloween

Another Halloween look of Kylie's that broke the internet was the glamorous Marilyn Monroe recreation.

4. Kylie X Balmain Photoshoot

One of the most anticipated beauty collections of the year was Kylie Cosmetics X Balmain. The products were in beautiful pastel pinks and purple which Kylie uses in her makeup look above.

5. Kylie Wearing Her Summer Collection

The Summer Collection for 2019 was full of fun bright colours which Kylie shows off in the look, especially through her eye makeup.

6. Kylie's Birthday Collection Photoshoot

The hot pink cut crease paired with a neutral lipstick made everybody want to buy Kylie's 22nd birthday collection.

7. Kylie As Barbie

I think that everybody can agree that Kylie makes the perfect Barbie! Her icy blue pink eyeshadow with the pink lipstick perfectly replicates Barbies classic and timeless look.

8. Kylie Wearing Kylie Cosmetics

There's nobody that sells Kylie Cosmetics better than King Kylie herself. Wearing one of her cult favourite lip kits with a flawless base, her makeup look is stunning.

9. Kylie At The Met Gala

My personal favourite makeup look of Kylie's this year has to be her Met Gala makeup look. Check out the article on Miss Makeup that will teach you what products you can use to recreate the look yourself.

10. Kylie In The Kylie Cosmetics Office

Last but not least we have this simplistic makeup look from a visit to the Kylie Cosmetics office. Kylies flushed cheeks compliment her plump pink lips making it such a pretty makeup look.


Thank you for reading this article! Be sure to follow both @missmakeup_xoxo and @kyliejennerarmyx on Instagram for my exclusive content about Kylie Jenner and all things beauty

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