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Lana Condors Everyday Makeup Look: Where To Shop Her Favourite Products

Exciting news everyone! In case you haven't already heard 'To All The Boys 2: PS I Still Love You' is coming to Netflix in 1 week and to celebrate one of the stars released a surprise video today. Lana Condor just released her first-ever makeup tutorial on her new Youtube channel. Yep that's right now you can replicate Lana's everyday glam and Miss Makeup is here to help. Keep reading this article for a breakdown on Condor's makeup application and the products the Netflix star uses.

Prep & Foundation:

Preparing the skin is important to Lana so she will always moisturise before beginning her makeup routine. She then soaks her beauty blender using M.A.C Fix + which is one of the few products that Lana mentions using in the video.

For foundation, Lana opts for CC cream for her daily makeup to avoid sucking the moisture from her face. She blends it down to her neck using a beauty blender while stating how much she enjoys blending makeup on her face.

Eyeshadow Look:

Lana doesn't specifically mention which eyeshadow palette she uses but after some research, I was able to figure it out. The palette used is from the Colourpop Going Coconuts collection and is a warm-toned nine pan palette. Lana begins her eye look by setting her eyelids with a peachy tone (possibly 'SHREDDED') using a fluffy brush. Using the same brush she uses a taupe bronze shade (possibly 'LOVELY BUNCH') to deepen the crease.

Condor explains that she has small eyelids so it is important for her to use small circular motions in the crease in order to create dimension. To add some glam to the look she loves a shimmer over the lid even "if it's just a day that I'm going to the grocery store". The shimmer used is a bronzer shade which Lana applies with her fingers. You could either use DA COCO or COCO CRUSH from the palette for this step.

A brown liner is next up for this makeup look and its used to add depth to the waterline. Lana doesn't use mascara since she got lash extensions so alternatively will brush her lashes to separate them. Deciding to be adventurous for the video Lana attempts a winger eyeliner, starting from the middle of the lid and creating a small flick. To complete her eyeshadow look, a pale eyeshadow shade is used on the brow bone to clean up the eyelid.


A tip that Lana shares in her video are to pretend that you are scared that the eyebrow pencil will touch your brow and to draw each stroke with caution. By doing this she believes that your brows come out more natural and lighter.


Back to the base, Lana uses an unknown concealer in the shade caramel in large triangles under her eyes. She mentions the fact that she has extreme discolouration under her eyes from fatigue and needs to make them very bright. To accentuate this brightness she uses an extremely light translucent powder under her eyes from what looks like a three pan face palette.

Complexion (Bronzer, Blush and Highlight):

Lana applies her bronzer, blush and highlight regularly using fluffy brushes and vibrant shades. For her bronzer and blush, she uses the slightest bit of product in a shade that is way too dark to her to bring the colour back into her face.

Lips & Setting:

Using a combination of a red lip liner and lip tint, Lana slightly overlines and fills in her lips. She states that she loves when lips look "just kissed or like you've just had a glass of wine" rather than matte nude shades.

Finally as you near the end of the video she sets her face with a setting spray than a hydrating spray to rehydrate her face. She does this as she believes the setting spray glues the makeup to her face and even after applying liquid her face is still dry.

This is Lana Condors completed look:

Watch the video below:


Thank you for reading this article and I hope you learnt something about Lana Condor's makeup routine. Be sure to check out her Youtube channel and to watch To All The Boys on Netflix this February 12th

- xoxo Miss Makeup

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