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The Ultimate Guide To Lipstick Shades Based On Your Skin Tone: What Shades Suit You The Most?

Everybody wants their makeup to compliment and accentuate their features perfectly but this can be hard if your not sure which shade is right for you. Keep reading for your guide on the best red, pink and nude lipstick based on your skin tone.


There is a red for everybody out there and finding the right one for you is not as hard as you think. Some red lipsticks are deemed as Universal and will suit people with all skin tones such as the Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint in Uncensored. These are usually the go-to for people who aren't fussed about matching their lipstick to their skin tone and just want to wear a bold red lip.

Fair Skin: People with lighter skin tend to have a pink flush to their cheeks which should be complemented by wearing lipsticks with cooler tones such as purple. The cooler tones will make fair skin look brighter and also help to accentuate the lips and teeth. The lighter your skin then the lighter the red you are wearing should be in order to ensure that it is not overpowering. This also includes your overall lightness including hair and eye colour.

Medium Skin: People with a medium skin tone should choose a lipstick with a more orange and warm undertone. These lipsticks are brighter than the ones used for fairer skin and will stand out against the skin tone. A lipstick that balances both a blue and orange undertone will suit someone who is tanner but not very dark. The bright orange-red shade is recommended if you have a warm undertone. There is more flexibility with medium skin tones but they shouldn't try going too light with their lipstick shade.

Deep Skin: People with dark skin tones look stunning in deep cherry and chocolate shade lipsticks. These shades aren't very bright and fiery so they blend in with the skin well without looking out of place. A true or muted red with a deeper tone is well suited to this skin type as it accentuates other features such as the eyes.



Fair Skin: Knowing your undertone is important in choosing a pink lipstick with lighter skin. If you are cooler then you should aim for a baby pink and something that is soft. On the other hand, those with a warmer skin tone can pull off a brighter pink with more of a red undertone.

Medium Skin: Using your undertone isn't as important for people with a medium skin tone as most shades of pink will suit them. Steer clear from very pale pinks and rather opt for something with more of a blue or purple undertone. Mauvy pinks work well with this skin tone as they look natural and not overpowering against the shade of the skin.

Deep Skin: Bright and bold pinks really make a statement against deep skin tones. Don't be afraid to choose a vibrant pink shade with magenta undertones. Berry pinks also work well for a more subtle look or for something more formal.



The natural lip colour is important to consider for all skin tones when choosing a nude lipstick. The nude lipstick should be a balance between warm and cool shades without becoming too orange or pink. The natural pink shade of the lips should be complemented with a brown in a similar tone. The mix of these two shades is the perfect nude lipstick for your skin tone. It is a common mistake to pick a nude shade that is either way too light or dark for your skin tone so it is good to pay attention to the guideline below to help you.

Fair Skin: Pink and rose-based nudes are the way to go if you have fairer skin. They will pick up the natural flush in your face will remaining subtle and pretty. These lipsticks typically look like a mix between a rose and light brown lipstick. The shade should be a few shades darker than your lips natural colour in order to be considered a true nude.

Medium Skin: Berry, mauve and brown shades of nude are what is going to look the best and most natural on someone with a medium skin tone. These shades are not too pink and pale that they look odd on the lips but complement the skins natural shade. The deeper your skin tone the darker the lipstick should be.

Deep Skin: Darker warm browns and chocolate shades look gorgeous against deeper skin tones. They have more of a range of shades to choose from as most of the berry shades from the medium skin tone can also be pulled off by them. To keep with the nude shade try not to go too dark compared to your lips natural colour.


Thank you for reading this article. Let me know in the comments below if this helped you and if you would be interested in an article about undertones.

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