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Creating Makeup Looks Inspired By Art: A Collab With Mindful Artist

Hello, everyone today for this Miss Makeup article I have created a 2 part collaboration with the Mindful Artist. Keep reading below to learn more about her, her art and the makeup look.

The Inspiration

The Mindful Artist as pictured above creates beautiful designs which she posts on her Instagram page and sells on her website. She is also a blogger focusing on lifestyle, wellbeing and art. We decided that we would collaborate on a 2 part blog post with one part on each blog.

Makeup inspired by art is the theme of this blog post. Together, the Mindful Artist and I chose this artwork to influence a makeup look that I would do on her.

The artwork was originally created in celebration of R U Ok? Day. It promoted happiness and positivity which is a theme we tried to reflect in this article. We drew from the colours of yellow and black as the focus for the eyeshadow and highlight with a plain base like the simple white backdrop.

The Products

Here is a breakdown of each product used to create the look

NYX Studio Perfect Photo-Loving Primer in Purple

M.A.C Studio Waterweight SPF 30 Foundation

Revlon Photo Ready Concealer Stick

Fenty Beauty Pro Filtr Setting Powder in Butter

Maybelline Fit Me! Blush in Rose

Mecca Cosmetica Hydrating Mist in Rose Scent

Revolution Creative Eyeshadow Palette #1

Revolution Reloaded Passion For Colour #2

Revolution Reloaded Affection Eyeshadow Palette #2

Mud Makeup Shimmer Lipstick #3

M.A.C Fix + Prep and Prime Original

The Process

1. Apply the NYX primer all over the face and eyelids

2. Dot the M.A.C foundation on the forehead, chin, cheeks and nose

3. Use a buffing brush to blend the foundation outwards and down towards the neck

4. Use the Revlon concealer stick to draw three diagonal lines on the under eyes and blend using the same buffing brush

5. Pat Fenty Beauty setting powder onto the under eyes, chin and forehead using a makeup sponge

6. Dust the Maybelline blush to the apples of the cheeks

7. Use a large fluffy brush to dust off the Fenty Beauty setting powder

8. Apply concealer to the eyelids and blend to create a base for eyeshadow

9. Using the shade 'visionary' from palette #1, dust the shade over the entire eyelid up to the brow bone

10. With a flat shader brush apply the shade 'dexterous into the crease using windshield wiper motions

11. Get a clean blending brush and dust the shadows together so there are no harsh lines or creases

12. Use a flat packing brush to apply the Revlon concealer to the eyelid from the lash line to the line of the crease

13. Blend this using the tip of a makeup sponge so that the only eyeshadow visible is orange from the crease upwards

14. Spray the Mecca Cosmetica mist onto the packing brush and tap into 'trendsetter' from palette #1

15. Slowly tap the eyeshadow onto the part of the eyelid which has concealer

16. Keep repeating this step until the yellow shade is vibrant and contrasts with the crease

17. With a new flat brush, tap into the 11th shade of palette #2

18. Pack this shade onto the eyelid from the inner corner and stop at the centre of the eyelid

19. Dust some of the same shade onto the brow bone

20. Grab a thin square eyeshadow brush and use the 4th shade in palette #2 to create a small triangle on the outer corner of the eyelid

(optional: draw a black winged eyeliner)

21. For highlighter, use a fan brush and mix the 1st and 4th shade of palette #3

22. Apply the Mud lipstick

23. Spray M.A.C Fix + to set the look

The Final Look

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Sep 28, 2019

Love it! It was so fun working with you to create this amazing look! It's great how different types of artists can work together to create awesome looks! You are so talented... thank you for making me feel happy!


Sep 28, 2019

I am so inspired by the message the artist is sending through her amazing artwork, i absolutely love the make up look create by Miss Makeup it makes me feel happy xx Beautiful ❤

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