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6 Makeup Organization Hacks For Every Beauty Lover

Having a big makeup collection can be great with so many shades of lipsticks and eyeshadow formulas to choose from each day, but how do you keep it all organised? Everyone will have their own system for keeping their cosmetics in order but there are some great organisers to help you out. Whether you categorise by brand, shade or product keep reading for the 6 best makeup organisers.

Lipstick Acrylic Organiser

Best For: Lipstick, lip glosses, mascara and concealers

Affordability: $

The simplest way to keep lipsticks organised is using an acrylic organiser. It keeps the lipsticks upright and they can be categorised based on brand, shade or shape of the tube. The small square compartments also work well for mascara bottles and holding concealers.

Rotating Makeup Organiser

Best For: Powders, lipstick, lip glosses and nail polish

Affordability: $

The best part of this rotating makeup organiser is that you can put your daily makeup routine all in one place. The organiser has compartments the entire way around that are tall for glosses and mascaras and smaller for stacking powders. It's best not to put anything too heavy like foundation bottles in it though.

Mini Clear Drawers

Best For: Powders, cream products, single eyeshadows and lip products

Affordability: $

Clear drawers are the most affordable and versatile way to organise makeup products because they fit all types of products. You can have a drawer per type of product or use them to store the products you reach for most. Having clear drawers make it easy to see all of your options to avoid forgetting about products.

IKEA Alex Drawers + Organiser Inserts

Best For: All products (each insert suits a different kind of product)

Affordability: $$$

The IKEA Alex drawers are the most popular makeup organisers for makeup artists and beauty bloggers. It comes in 5 or 9 drawers depending on how big your collection is. The drawers can be used without inserts but for extra organisation, many makeup companies such as Vanity Collections offer acrylic organisers that fit the exact dimension. Drawer inserts come in a range of styles like the slanted display for foundations, thin slots for eyeshadow palettes or a simple lipstick organiser that fits over 100 products.

Makeup Brush Holder

Best For: Brushes, sponges and other makeup tools

Affordability: $

Makeup brushes can be hard to keep track of especially after washing them so having a secure place to keep them is really important. Purchasing a brush organiser means having all of your brushes in one place when you are doing your makeup for ease of use. The organisers come in anywhere from 1-5 slots depending on how many brushes you need to organise.

Makeup Palette Acrylic Organiser

Best For: Eyeshadow palettes, face palettes and foundations

Affordability: $

This type of cosmetics organiser is not only practicable but also great for display. The slots can fit multiple palettes in each and get taller to accommodate palettes of all sizes. It's a great organiser to use on top of the vanity to display pretty palettes or to conveniently place your most used products. Foundation and skincare products can also be stored in the compartments to keep them upright and in reach for daily use.


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