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10 Makeup Tips & Tricks For Glasses Wearers

Any girl who wears glasses will understand the struggles of doing a beautiful eyeshadow look and it completely disappearing once you put your glasses on. There are so many things to consider when doing your makeup with glasses like shades, shapes and the inevitable nose dent, it can be hard to know where to start. Keep reading for our 10 best tips for applying makeup for people who wear glasses.


1. Use lots of setting powder

When you set your makeup with a loose setting powder it decreases the risk of your glass slipping and smudging your foundation throughout the day. Focus the product around the areas that your glasses touch and apply a little under the eyes.

2. Opt for a brightening concealer

Wearing glasses magnifies the under eye area but also casts a shade that can make it appear darker than it actually is. It is recommended that you use a brightening shade of concealer that will adjust to your skin tone once you put your glasses on.

3. Apply eye primer on your nose

This is a newer Tik Tok trend that has proven to be really useful. Eye primer is more gripping than regular primer making your foundation smudge-proof in the area that you need it most. Just use a bit where your glasses rest on your nose and you're good to go.

4. Consider the colour of your frames

The shades of eyeshadow that you use should not clash with the colour of your frames. This is something that's important to consider when choosing new frames and also when creating your eyeshadow looks to make sure they complement each other.

5. The less product the better

This might sound super simple but it's often forgotten, the less product you apply the less chance there is of it smudging. Stick to a thin layer of foundation and powder to avoid it moving throughout the day.

6. Pay attention to your brows

Wearing glasses draws attention to your brows especially if you have thinner frames. You should put extra effort into shaping and filling in brows for a more put-together look.

7. Curl rather than lengthen lashes

Having long lashes coated in mascara can cause all sorts of problems when it comes to wearing glasses. Focus more on curling your lashes upwards with a lash curler or curling mascara that making them appear longer.

8. Always use eyeliner

Eyeliner will stand out under your glasses more than eyeshadow and it will also help to shape your eyes. Don't be afraid to experiment with bolder colours and eyeliner styles too!

9. Keep lid shades bright

As mentioned earlier, wearing glasses causes a shadow that will dim the colours of your eyeshadow. Using mostly light lid shades with the occasional shimmer is the best option for glasses wearers.

10. Apply white eyeliner to your water liner

White eyeliner creates the illusion that the eyes are bigger and wider than they actually are. Glasses can make eyes looks smaller especially if they have larger frames and this counteracts that problem.


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