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Makeup With Masks: Tips For Adapting Your Makeup Routine

Due to the current outbreak of COVID-19, it has become increasingly common to see people wearing face masks. While we may take a while to get used to them they are also super important. That's why it is important to adapt your makeup routine around them. It can become really frustrating to constantly have foundation and lipstick transfer onto them which is why I am here to help. Keep reading below for tips on how you can change your makeup routine for mask-wearing.

Be Aware Of What Areas The Mask Will Cover

By knowing this you can avoid applying too much product on areas that it will rub against.

Use A Good Quality Primer

Primer has always been an important step but it is even more essential now. A good primer will hold your makeup in place, making it last longer while it's under the mask.

Powder, Powder, Powder!

Focus powder around the mouth and cheek over. Not only will this add coverage to your look but it will also set the foundation and prevent it from transferring to the mask.

Avoid Creamy or Glossy Products

A cream lipstick or shiny lip gloss is probably not the best choice of lip product when wearing a mask. Your lips will often rub against the mask and using these products will cause them to easily transfer onto the mask.


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