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Refillable Makeup: Our Favourite Sustainable Beauty Products

Finding the perfect makeup product is a great feeling. You love the formula, use it every day and are willing to make a repurchase. Not only can this be expensive, but it also harms the environment. That's why many beauty brands have started offering refills for your favourite products. It's a straightforward process, buy the product and when it's done you can top it up using a refill. This method is cost-effective and saves many plastic containers from being thrown away. These are our favourite refillable products that will have you both looking good and doing good for the planet.

Charlotte Tilbury (Pretty Much Every Product)

Great news, almost all of Charlotte Tilbury products can be refilled! This includes their bestselling Magic Cream and Pillow Talk which are regularly repurchased. Buying refills is made easier through their subscription service where you can automatically have new products sent to you on a 3,4 or 6 month basis.

Rose Inc. Blush Divine Radiant Lip & Cheek Colour

If you are a regular blush user, this product is for you. Keep purchasing the same shade or try something different by simply refilling your carton. With over 10 shades in the collection, there is no shortage of options!

Fenty Beauty Icon Semi-Matte Lipstick

Fenty Beauty has been a game-changer in the beauty industry and their newest lipstick is no exception. The carton comes in 3 different colours and can be refilled over and over again with any of their lipstick shades.

Milk Makeup Sunshine Under Eye Brightening Light Coverage Concealer

Concealer is a frequently used product that tends to run out very quickly. Milk Makeup has made repurchasing easier by selling an individual cartridge that slips into the original canister. There is 60% less plastic waste!

Glossier Monochromes

For those who wear the same eyeshadow look every day it's important to always have your favourite shades on hand. Glossier lets you purchase your staple shades (for a cheaper price) or try a new combo. Bonus: the mirror can be taken out of the canister for extra sustainability.


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