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Smashbox Cover Shot: Golden Hour Eye Palette - Review and How To Recreate Shay Mitchell's Look

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

I spotted this palette today at Sephora in the Smashbox stand and I instantly fell in love with it. I usually purchase natural matte eyeshadow palettes but I couldn't resist the glittery shades in this particular palette. After doing research on the palette I discovered that it was a collaboration with former 'Pretty Little Liars' actress Shay Mitchell. I loved the eye looks from the promotional photos and wanted to recreate them for myself. I found videos on Sephora's Youtube channel that explain how you can recreate the look. In this blog post I will be reviewing the palette as well as teaching you how to recreate Shay Mitchell's look using the steps from the video I mentioned earlier.

The Details

The Smashbox Cover Shot Eyeshadow Palettes retail for $44 and can be bought from Mecca Maxima, Sephora and Smashbox online store. I bought the palette in the shades Golden Hour but they also come in 6 other colour combinations which you can view in the image below. The palettes are described as "purse-sized, pigment-powered eye shadow palettes are made to mesmerize—and collect. Each Cover Shot Eye Shadow Palette has a curated mix of colors, formulas and finishes so you can nail the latest trends and create your own looks."

The Shade Breakdown


This shade did not swatch as pigmented as the others and seemed to be a bit more powdery. It took multiple attempts to get a good swatch of this shade and it just wasn't as creamy as the others. It would work well for a faint shade as a base for an eye look but there would need to be a concealer and primer underneath it to achieve more pigment.


This was a much better base shade than 'Dope' from the palette as it swatched nicer but it was still one of the less pigmented shades. It is a pale shade which is almost white and may not work well for someone who has darker skin or is trying to create a deeper eye look. LIGHTS:

The rest of the shades in the palette are all glittery and metallic shades and this was a softer shade and one of the most natural in the palette. It is a subtle gold that does not have as much pigment as the others but it works in the colour favour as it is not overpowering. HOTLINE:

This is my favorite shade because the gold glitter works very well with my other eyeshadow palettes especially the ones with natural brown shades. The shade distributes evenly and almost looks painted on the eye similar to a look you would achieve by using a liquid eyeshadow. TURNED ON:

The shimmery pink shade compliments both 'Hotline' and 'Lights'. It glided across my arm in the swatch without me having to get more product from the pan. PSYCHED:

I was surprised by the amount of reflectivity this shade had once it was swatched. The rose gold specks shimmered making the shade look even prettier than it did in the pan. It is definitely a shade I will need to do some more experimenting with. ROCKSTAR:

The glamorous purple shade is unlike the shades I would usually use in the my eyelook. It is a dark shade of purple with an almost black undertone adding to its rock star glam. STARE:

I am not a big fan of this colour and I don't see myself using it very often. It is a brown shade with a hint of silver shimmer. It is very pigmented and you do not need to much much on your brush to get pigment from this shade.


Tutorial: Get Shay Mitchell's Look

This is the look that I will be teaching you how to recreate

1. Prep lids with a primer and concealer

2. Apply 'LIGHTS' from the lashline to the brow bone

3. Apply 'ROCKSTAR' from into the crease and wing it out

4. Apply 'HOTLINE' to the lower lashline and wing it up

5. Layer 'TURNED ON' over 'HOTLINE'

6. Apply 'STARE' to the upper and lower lashline

7. Apply 'DOPE' beneath the brow bone

8. Apply 'LIGHTS' to the inner corner

The Final Product

Do you like these kinds of reviews with tutorials and what else would you like to see next? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

- xoxo Miss Makeup

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