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Soap Brows: The New Fluffy Brow Trend That's All Over Instagram

If you've been on any beauty Instagram accounts in the last month there is a very high chance you've seen a look created with soap brows. This method of creating fluffy brows recently became popular with celebrities and beauty gurus attempting the look.

So what exactly are soap brows?

Soap brows are a new brow grooming technique that involves using a bar of soap to shape brows rather than a brow gel. This technique makes brows look fuller, fluffier and hold brows in place. This sounds a bit crazy, but makeup artists have been using this technique as a more affordable and simple way of styling brows.

How do I use soap brows?

The first thing you need is a bar of soap or a branded soap brows (some will be listed later on). Grab a spoolie and lightly dampen it with a setting spray as this will ensure a longer hold. Don't go overboard with the soap straight away but instead apply in thin layers. Just brush the spoolie up and down the soap bar until you've collected the desired amount.

Pictured above: Antonia Gentry from Netflix's 'Ginny & Georgia' wearing the soap brows trend

Start sculpting brows into the desired shape but moving brow hairs up towards your hairline. Those with fuller brows will find it easier to complete the look but having thin brows doesn't mean you can't join in on all the fun! It is recommended that you fill in any sparse areas with a brow powder or draw thin hair strokes with a brow pencil.

Can I use any soap?

Well not really. The key to soap brows is finding a bar that has glycerin as this will prevent irritation and leaves less of a white cast on brow hairs. The best option is to purchase a soap brow product from brands like Makeup Revolution and Anastasia Beverly Hills that are formulated for the face. Here are some options:

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Freeze

A clear styling wax designed to 'freeze' brows in place. This is by far one of the most popular soap brow products

Makeup Revolution Soap and Care Soap Brows

This soap brow product even comes with a small brush for easier application! Makeup Revolution released this product as a part of their Rehab launch that featured eyelash serum, eyebrow serum and lip oil.

Mecca Max Super Soap Brows

An affordable alternative to the ABH Brow Freeze, this Mecca Max product retails for only $16 and promises that "your arches will thank you later"


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