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Sophia Bush's Best Makeup Looks - Collaboration With @sophia.anna.bushxx

Calling all One Tree Hill fans, this Miss Makeup article is for you. For today article, Miss Makeup has collaborated with Sophia Bush fan account @sophia.anna.bushxx to share with you some of her best makeup looks. These looks are from photoshoots, red carpets and her Instagram posts showing off her gorgeous makeup looks. All of the photos featured in this post are from @sophia.anna.bushxx account. Let us know in the comments which look is your favourite.

1. Contoured and Flushed Cheeks

The first of Sophia's makeup look focuses heavily on contour and blush. Rosy tones on her cheeks and a warm contour accentuates Sophia's natural face shape.

2. Pink Minimalist Look

Sophia pairs a bolder winged eye look with a subtle pink look for this red carpet event. A touch of pink is added to her eyes to compliment this lip colour.

3. Smokey Eyes

You've got to love a matching makeup look and outfit with is exactly what Bush wore for this photo. Smokey Blue is definitely her colour!

4. Clear Complexion Photo Shoot

A trend that we noticed with Sophias makeup looks is that her skin always looks so flawless and glowy. This can be achieved by using a lightweight foundation or illuminating primer.

5. Bold Red Lip Look

When we say we love glam makeup, Sophia Bush's makeup in the post above is exactly what we mean. Her brows and lips make a statement in this look which can be produced by using a brow gel with a dark pomade.

6. Firey Eye Look For A Photo Shoot

Bush isn't afraid to experiment with a bit of colour which you can clearly see from this makeup look. Take inspiration from Sophias look by picking up a colour from your clothes in your eyeshadow look.

7. Natural No Makeup, Makeup Look

A bit of lip gloss and mascara goes a long way in this natural makeup look. Sophia toned down her look using very neutral tones and a minimal amount of product.

8. Glowing Skin Photo Shoot

Sophia looks absolutely stunning wearing mauve and bronze shades of makeup. Take a tip from her look by using a more neutral lipstick shade with a bronzey eye look.

9. Sophisticated Glam Look

A matte red lipstick pairs perfectly with Sophia's balayage hair colours. The rest of her makeup look is quite clean helping the lipstick shade to pop off her skin.

10. Smokey Eye Look

Finishing off the article with Sophia's brown smokey eye look. Create the look by building up the eye look using matte brown and grey shades all over the lid.


A word from @sophia.anna.bushxx:

"My account is a fan account for Sophia Bush. I had been a fan of Sophia since I watched One Tree Hill back in July of 2016. I decided to start this account after having major knee surgery as a way to kill time and to take my mind off of the pain. I thought I would only do it until I healed but decided to continue after I fell in love with the people in Sophia's fandom and made so many friends"

Why did you choose to do this collaboration?

"I have had a few people to ask to collaborate with me on projects. I have always wanted to but the timing has always been an issue as when people as I am usually halfway through my school term. So I always had to pass on their offers but this time the timing was right. Due to COVID-19 and not having much to do I thought I could help another account out."


Thank you for reading this article and a special thank you to @sophia.anna.bushxx for collaborating with Miss Makeup on this article. If you love a celebrity and their makeup looks and want to collaborate with Miss Makeup then don't be afraid to reach out to us on Instagram or by emails.

- xoxo Miss Makeup

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