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The Best Way To Organise Your Lipstick Collection - Glow Gurl Co Swatch Charts

I can't be the only one that uses the same lipstick shades over and over. You become so familiar with those shades and it can be so hard to remember all the other lipsticks in your collection. This month I was reached out to by Glow Gurl Co about their Lipstick Swatch Charts. I instantly fell in love with the idea of using your makeup collection as wall art and was lucky enough to be sent my very own chart from the brand. Keep reading to learn about Glow Gurl Cos swatch charts and check out Miss Makeups very own one.

Here is a video explaining the Swatch Chart from the brand themselves


The Materials:

A great thing about the Swatch Charts is that they come in a variety of different styles and materials. Some are for you whole collection and you can even get specific ones fro nudes, pinks, reds etc.

The Swatch Charts come in a canvas poster, cotton blend canvas or metal print. Here is a look at Miss Makeups one


The Categories:

You can purchase a Swatch Chart in...

- Nudes

- Reds

- Pinks


- Bolds


The Styles:

Read My Lips - lip shaped swatch spots

Lipstick Love - liquid lipstick bottle shaped swatch spots

Between The Lines - notebook line shaped swatch spots


Miss Makeups Thoughts

I am obsessed with this chart. Its made it so much easier for me to organise all of my lipsticks in a clean and structured way. The size is great for displaying in a beauty room or bedroom which adds to the appeal of the product. I also think it's great that you don't waste your products when swatching because you don't need to fill in the whole swatch spot.


Purchase the Swatch Chart from

- xoxo Miss Makeup

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