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Teen TV Show & Movie Inspired Halloween Costumes: Makeup + Outfits

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

It's that time of year again. Gather up your friends and get your costumes ready because it's almost Halloween. Having trouble finding a costume? That's where I come to help. I have written your guide to the best Halloween costumes inspired by your favourite characters for teen TV shows and movies. In this guide, you will find a list of characters with instructions on how to recreate their most iconic outfit and makeup look.


Betty Cooper - Riverdale

Betty's preppy look is created by wearing a white button-up collared shirt with a pink long sleeve jumper over the top. Pair this with a pair of light blue jeans and you will look just like the Riverdale Vixen. For her makeup look, Betty goes for a very natural look by using nude shades on the eyes and pink lipstick. Add a touch of highlight and light blush to complete your Betty Cooper costume.



Veronica Lodge - Riverdale

One of Veronica Lodge's most iconic outfits can be recreated by wearing a purple scoop neck singlet top with a black plaid skirt. For the makeup, a deep red lipstick with mauve eyeshadow will perfectly replicate this Riverdale beauty. Add a pearl necklace for the final touch.



Cheryl Blossom - Riverdale

Red lipstick is THE most important part of any Cheryl Blossom Halloween costume. Be sure to curl your hair and wear a red jumper with a black plaid skirt for this look. Wear accessories like a choker or cherry earrings to capture the essence of Cheryl Blossom.



Toni Topaz - Riverdale

For this Serpents look, add some pink clip-in highlights to your hair and apply a deep pink lipstick. Toni is rarely seen without her Serpents jacket but a leather jacket will also work for your look. Ripped jeans are also must for this grungy look.



Josie Mcoy - Riverdale

Cat ears and sparkly eyeshadow are the staples to creating a Josie Mcoy Halloween costume. Wear a purple lipstick and some shimmery bronzer to dress like the Josie and The Pussycats singer. As seen in the image above, a furry black top paired with a leopard print skirt will truly capture Josies signature look.



Sabrina Spellman - The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Red, red and more red is what you will need to transform yourself into the magical Sabrina Spellman. Red lipstick and thick black eyeliner is the obvious choice for your makeup look. As for the outfit, a ribbed red off the shoulder top with a thick strapped black bra underneath and a black skirt should do the trick. (see what I did there)



Katy Keene - Katy Keene

Get excited for the release of Katy Keene on the CW by dressing up as the Archie Comics character. A white collared top with a red blazer over the top with a black top for the outfit will look great to recreate Katy Keene's style. Berry pink lipstick, rosy cheeks and a touch of highlight will help you to pull off Katy's beautiful makeup look. Finish the look with some cherry accessories.



Blair Waldorf - Gossip Girl

Blair Waldorf's preppy style is one that we all tried to recreate in the late 2000s. To achieve her look by wearing a white button-up top with a navy skirt. Add a navy tie like the one in the picture above to compliment the skirt. Blairs makeup is quite natural with flushes lips and of course a shiny pink lip gloss.



Serena Van Der Woodsen - Gossip Girl

The Upper East Side's It girls look is simple to recreate. Just like in Blair's costume wear a white button-up top but for Serena, a plaid skirt and tie will achieve the look. Wear a pink sparkly lip gloss to look just like Miss Van Der Woodsen.



Jenny Humphrey - Gossip Girl

Sweet Little J, how innocent you look in the first season of Gossip Girl. If you love Jenny's style wear a white collared shirt with a yellow coat and fishnet stockings. Add a blue headband and hot pink bag as your accessories and you will be reading for lunch on the Met steps.



Rory Gilmore - Gilmore girls

Rory's Chilton uniform is an easy Halloween costume to make. Simply wear a blue plaid skirt, white collared top and navy blazer with minimal makeup. Go for a glossy lip and brown shades on the eyes.



Aria Montgomery - Pretty Litte Liars

This Liars style is a mix of bold colours and staple pieces. Get the Aria look by wearing a leather jacket over a simple white collared shirt. For the bottoms, a light blue or lace skirt will work perfectly. Arias makeup is easy to replicate by filling in your eyebrows, adding a coat of mascara and wearing a pink nude lip.



Rachel Green - F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Rachel Green wore some of the most iconic outfits of the mid 90s to early 2000s. This look, in particular, is one of her most popular and will make a great Halloween costume. Wear a white long sleeve turtle neck with a red plaid skirt. Her makeup look for this episode is made up of mostly brown shades.



Monica Geller - F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Monica has been spotted wearing the colour red many times throughout all 10 seasons of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. A red scoop neck singlet and ripped denim jeans is look we would definitely still wear today. To complement this date night look apply some mascara and a red-brown lipstick.



Phoebe Buffay - F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Phoebes boho-chic look is easily accomplished by wearing a denim button-up with a floral skirt. Wear your hair in a half-up style with eye makeup.



Rachel Berry - Glee

Rachels most memorable look includes a white button-up shirt and yellow knitted cardigan. To finish the look a brown lip gloss and neutral eyeshadows will make you look like the acapella singer.




Lara Jean Covey - To All The Boys I've Loved Before

One of the most popular teen movies of 2018 gifted us with the character of Lara Jean Covey. A cute pink cardigan with a grey jumper over a white collared top. Wear a plaid pleated skirt and some grey stockings but don't forget your love letters.



Regina George - Mean Girls

Regina George the queen of mean is sassy and stylish making for a great Halloween costume. Basics such as a white singlet and black skirt are used to create the majority of the outfit. A pink cardigan and of course her signature R necklace will make you feel "a little bit dramatic"



Cady Heron - Mean Girls

The newest addition to the plastics kept her outfits basic. An oversized pink polo shirt and dark denim jeans with flushed pink makeup are the ultimate Cady Heron look.



Karen Smith - Mean Girls

"I'm A Mouse Duh!" That's what you will be saying while wearing this Halloween costume. Fluffy mouse ears and silver makeup are the features of this look. To replicate the outfit wear a black dress with a thick silver ribbon.



Gretchen Weiner - Mean Girls

You will look so fetch dressing up as Gretchen Weiners for Halloween. A sparkly pink lip gloss with a complimenting hot pink jumper is an iconic Gretchen look. Wear a neutral brown skirt and statement jewellery also making sure to curl your hair just like hers.



Cher Horowitz - Clueless

As If! you would dress up as Cher Horowitz for Halloween. You could easily by a costume online for $70 + but this is how you can D.I.Y one on a budget. Wear a yellow plaid blazer and skirt set with a white shirt underneath to get the exact look. A nude lipstick and light coverage will complete the look.



Dionne Davenport - Clueless

Just like Chers look, you will need a plaid skirt and blazer set but in black and red. Don't forget Dionne's signature hat.



Laney Boggs - She's All That

Laney Boggs underwent one of the most remembered makeover transformations in teen movie history. She only had to take off her glasses, cut her hair and wear some makeup to create her look but I have made it even easier for you A red square neck dress and red lip gloss with a neutral eye look are so Laney Boggs.



Elle Woods - Legally Blonde

PINK is the keyword when it comes to an Elle Woods Halloween costume. Everything from the makeup to the dress and shoes should all be in the colour. For accessories, a love heart chain necklace and sunglasses as well as some college textbooks or a fluffy pink pen.



Sandy Olsson - Grease

Good girl gone bad, Sandys final look at the end of Grease makes for a great Halloween costume. It has been recreated so many time over the years with even Gigi Hadid joining in on the fun. The all-black look features an off the shoulder bodysuit and leather pants. Her red stilettoes and bold lip colour have made this look go down in cinematic history.



Gabriella Montez - High School Musical

The East High sweetheart wears a strappy red dress for the final scene of the first High School Musical movie. Curl your hair, apply a clear lip gloss and put on some bangles and you might just be able to find your own Troy Bolton.



Elle Evans - The Kissing Booth

Joey King rose to fame in her breakout role as Elle Evans in the Kissing Booth. Her first outfit in the movie is her school uniform. Even though her skirt may have been a bit too short, the uniform will make an excellent Halloween costume. Like many of the other costumes from earlier a button-up shirt but for Elle in the colour yellow is the base of the look. A long blue tie and plaid skirt with a pink lipstick are just what Elle Evans wears in the movie.



Torrance Shipman - Bring It On

Torrance is all of our favourite Torros cheerleading captains. A red cheerleading uniform is the most basic Bring It On Halloween costume to create. Nude lipstick and light eyeshadow will make the costume more specific to Torrance.


Olive Penderghast - Easy A

Olives transformation in Easy A can be easily replicated. Stitch or draw a red A onto a black corset. Wear black jeans, sunglasses and a beaded necklace for this Scarlet letter inspired look.



Make sure to check out the links in this article to shop all of the products mentioned. Thanks for reading and let me know if there are any characters I missed that you want to see.

As always,

- xoxo Miss Makeup

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