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The Best Beauty Moments From The O.C.

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

For today's beauty article Miss Makeup has partnered with The O.C. fan account 'outfitsoftheoc' to present our favourite makeup looks from the female characters of The O.C. All of the images have been provided from 'Outfits Of The O.C.' which you can check out here

1. Marissa On The Way To School

Trust Marissa to wear a bold red lip for a day at school

2. Julie With Her Chanel

Julies pout is perfectly glossed in this episode

3. Anna's Rosy Makeup Look

The rosy flush on Anna's cheek compliments her rich red lipstick well

4. Alex's Very 90's Look

Nothing says 90's inspired makeup more than thin eyebrows

5. Summer In Hollywood Glam

Summer changed up her makeup for this look going for cooler tones on the eyes

6. Marissa's Natural Look

What better way to show off Marissa's flawless skin than to wear a minimalistic makeup look

7. Kirsten In Red

Kirsten toned down her makeup to not take away from her dress but still looks gorgeous!

8. Anna In Glam

One of Annas bolder looks, she smokes her eyeshadow to create a glam makeup look

9. Marissa's Nude Look

Keeping it simple with some blush and a shimmery lip gloss

10. Summer In Rocker Chic

The shimmer on Summer's eyelids is almost as bright as the highlight on her browbone!


About Our Collaborator:

Outfits Of The O.C. is an Instagram fan account showcasing iconic looks from an inconic show. While the account mainly focuses on fashion, we also feature beauty moments and memorable highlights from the series. Although The O.C. has been off the air for over a decade, it still has a very devoted following and the passing of time makes it even more fun to document the '00s looks from the show.


Thank you for reading this article and thank you to Outfits Of The O.C for collaborating. Be sure to check out both of our accounts on Instagram for more makeup and O.C content!

-xoxo Miss Makeup and Outfits Of The O.C.

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