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The Best Bronzer For Your Skintone

Bronzer is one of those beauty products that can be a hit or miss when applied. Your skin tone plays a big role in the kind of bronzer that will work well for you. Too often people will choose a bronzer that is just a few shades too dark because they don't realise they should be buying their bronzer based on their skin tone. In this article, Miss Makeup has recommended some bronzers that work well for a variety of skin tones. Keep reading to find the best bronzer shade for you!


Hoola Bronzer is a cult favourite product and it has achieved that status for a reason. The bronzer comes in the cutest packaging and also includes a brush. The shade is more on the lighter side making it ideal for paler skin tones.

This powder comes in some great warm shades that are perfect for a bronzed glow. You get a lot of product for the price making it great value for many.

Two shades for the price of 1! Your bronzer and highlighter are both sorted with just one product. The shade is a toasty brown without getting too dark which will compliment a paler complexion.


While this bronzer may be more on the expensive side you get heaps of product. The pan is much larger than your average bronzer and it comes from a designer brand. This bronzer will give you an all-over glow and warm perfect for the summer.

The Too Faced bronzer definitely lives up to its name with a heavenly chocolate scent. Pair it with that packaging and who could resist purchasing one. This bronzer is known for having a slightly deeper bronze shade so is best for olive skin tones.

Nars is known for many iconic products like their blush but this bronzer comes a very close second. With a bit of shimmer, this bronzer will keep you looking sunkissed all day long.


The first drugstore bronzer mentioned on this list and it sure deserves a spot. Keeping on the affordable side, Rimmels bronzer is still highly pigmented and you get enough bronzer to last you a very long time.

A natural glow with a whole lot of pigment is what you will get with this bronzer. Becca is known for having great formulas in their face products and they didn't skip on it with their bronzers,

Fenty Beauty already has an amazing shade range for all skin tones so it is no surprise that Rhianna released a bronzer that is perfect for those with a darker skin tone.


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