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The Langford Sisters: The Best Of Their Matching Beauty Looks

If your anything like @josephine_katherine_langford and I, you can't help but obsess over Josephine and Katherine Langford's gorgeous makeup looks. Both launching into stardom in the past couple of years through Josephine's role in 'After' and Katherines in '13 Reasons Why' their makeup looks are always in the spotlight. The sisters have sported some gorgeous looks in this time with themes that they have both replicated in their own unique way. Miss Makeup has collaborated with @josephine_katherine_langford for an article about the Langford sisters best beauty looks and their very individual variation. Keep reading below and be sure to check out @josephine_katherine_langford on Instagram for more amazing pictures like the one below.

1. Blushed Lips and Cheeks

This makeup look focuses and accentuates the sister's lips and cheeks by using a similar shade in each area. By using a cream blush on your lips and cheeks or dabbing some of your lipstick shade onto your cheeks you too can wear this look. They both pair this look with eyeshadow in earthy brown tones which let their lips and cheeks stand out while also being the feature of their look.

2. Warm Eye Makeup BTS

Josephine and Katherines face makeup always looks flawless but their complexions are especially clear in these photos. Their makeup looks are soft and subtle with minimal contour, blush or highlight. For a similar look be sure to use a primer and setting spray for your base.

3. Smokey Eye On The Red Carpet

A darker makeup look makes the Langford sisters eyes pop but they both are able to wear the look in their own unique style. Katherine uses lighter shades focusing more on bringing the shadows up her lid while Josephine adds a pop of colour and wings the eyeshadow out to the corner of her eye.


4. Natural Makeup Looks While Acting

In these looks, we have Josephine playing Tessa Young and Katherine playing Hannah Baker. While their looks are similar in the sense that they both bring attention to complexion, brows and lips, they both wear it to suit their character. Tessa (Josephine Langford) the more innocent character is typically seen in lighter pink or white clothing which makes sense as to why she uses a lighter shade of pink on her lips. Hannah (Katherine Langford) opts for more eye makeup and a brighter pink on the lips which suit her hair colour and outfit.

5. Full Red Pout

Red lipstick looks amazing on both Josephine and Katherine Langford. You can never go wrong with a bold red lip and both sisters show that by wearing it at different events. Josephine pairs hers with a golden smokey eye to keep more attention towards her lips during a photoshoot. Katherine goes for a more classic look by wearing the red lipstick with a simple black dress and very minimal makeup face and eye makeup.

6. Purple Glitter Eye Look

The Langfords don't shy away from using bright colours, pigments or glitters in their makeup looks and these photos are the perfect example. Josephine goes for a vibrant violet lid, using blue and purple glitter in the inner corner, crease and outer corner. Katherine's makeup is more muted as she focuses the glitter solely in the outer corner as a feature piece rather than over the whole eyelid.

7. Minimalistic Makeup

In these photos, Josephine and Katherine prove that they look just as beautiful even with the most minimal of makeup looks. Take away the bronzing, dark contour and heavy blush and you are left with a sparkly complexion on both the sisters. A simple way to wear this look yourself is to focus on makeup your foundation and concealer a second skin. Then if you want to go a bit further dab a nude shade on the lips and a brown shadow lightly across the eyelids.

8. Red Lipstick On The Red Carpet

Similar to their red lipsticks look from earlier in the article, Katherine and Josephine wear the lipstick shade in a different way during their own red carpet events. Katherine adds more colour to her face by using a blush shade which brings out the red lipstick while Josephine deepens her eyes with liner for a more dramatic look.

9. Clear Complexion with Tinted Lips

These close-up shots of the Langford sisters do a perfect job of drawing attention to their brows and lashes. Aside from their clear skin and flushed makeup, the structure of their eyebrows and length of their lashes are gorgeous. If you want to wear a similar look try using a brow pencil or powder lightly and use a concealer to carve out the shape. You can also use a mascara that focuses on adding length and darkness to your lashes.

10. Red Glossy/Smokey Eye

I've saved the best for last. This is my personal favourite look from Josephine and Katherine because the red and orange colours really suit them. I'm all for a glossy eye which you can replicate by using a clear gloss over a colourful eyeshadow. For Katherines look try finding a really pigmented shadow of your prefered shade and use tape to create a sharp wing on your eyelid.


Thank you for reading this article. We hope that you enjoyed reading this article and have gotten some inspiration for your own makeup looks. Make sure to follow both @josephine_katherine_langford and @missmakeup_xoxo for more beauty and Langford sisters content. Comment down below letting us know which look was your favourite and why. Thanks again to @josephine_katherine_langford for collaborating with Miss Makeup for this article and providing your beautiful pictures.

- xoxo Miss Makeup

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