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Tik Tok Makeup Trends and Challenges To Try While Your Stuck At Home

While we are all stuck at home we might as well have some fun with it. If you love makeup as much as I do then I'm sure you've already seen these trends all over Tik Tok. Miss Makeup has actually posted some of our recreations using these sounds which will be added to this article. Keep reading to learn more about the makeup trends and challenges that you can do. Be sure to duet Miss Makeup if you recreate one of ours or tag us in the bio so we can duet yours. Let's begin...

1. Calling All Makeup Fanatics

Share all of your favourite products using this sound. This is what we came up with

2. Lipstick Check

Another great sound for showing off some of your favourite products

3. Adele Challenge

Count how many lipsticks you have while recreating this fun challenge. You can use all kinds of makeup products too.

4. Makeup Brush Challenge

Get your friends together and have fun creating some makeup looks

5. Raffle Eyeshadow Look

Try mixing up your eyeshadow looks or experimenting with a new palette with this challenge

6. Makeup Application Roulette

Switch up your makeup look for a day by rearranging the application of your products. You will definitely come up with your own unique look

7. Make Lips Bigger Hack

This hack could be a game-changer for your makeup looks

8. This Is My Makeup Trend

Identify your different kinds of makeup looks and share them with your followers and friends

9. Eyeliner Hack

Improve your eyeliner skills using this unique application hack

10. Glow Up Trend

Have a little fun and get your makeup in full glam for something to do

11. Colourful Palette Trend

Get used out of your bolder palettes and challenge yourself to this colourful trend

12. Decades Makeup Looks

Relive your favourite decade by recreating an iconic makeup look from that time

13. Britty Little Liars Bad Makeup Trend

Got a sibling that you want to experiment makeup looks on. Participate in this funny trend together.

14. Princess Peach Lip Look

Try something different with your lip looks and test out this hack

15. Squeaky Beauty Blenders

Lastly, have some fun with your makeup tools using this sound


Be sure to follow Miss Makeup on Tik Tok @missmakeup_xoxo for great makeup videos, hacks and more.

- xoxo Miss Makeup

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