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Top Tips to Give Curly Hair Volume

When it comes to size, sometimes bigger is better. As per the famous saying, “Go big or go home”, people enjoy extra leg space for flight seats, a big slice of cheesecake and even your gorgeous crown of curls. However, if you have fine or low-density curly hair, getting maximum volume without drying out your strands or sacrificing definition can be more difficult than all those Instagram models make it look. There are several websites online selling hair care products making the process of buying such products easier. Before buying hairdressing supplies, it is better to research about the product and the brand. This is highly convenient for those who like to care for their hair at home and also modify their hairstyle. This article provides essential tips to attain good volume in curly hair.

Curly Hair Tips To Get Good Volume

Curly hair does set one apart and it also requires a great deal of maintenance. One of the biggest issues with this type of hair is to obtain good volume. There are several products one can invest in to obtain good volume. Listed here are few tips on how to attain good volume:

● Hair volume powders are effective to some level for those who wish to attain good volume however, there is also a method that does not use any hair care products instead uses curl clips.

● There are several types of clips one can use for this purpose like traditional pin curl clips and many more which are available at a hairdressing store and also from a good hair supply store online.

● The upside-down method is favourable for this; one should either style or diffuse upside down or attempt washing and conditioning their hair upside down. The main is to pull the hair away from the head.

● Use root clips to lift the roots away from your scalp before you dry; alternatively, one can use roller jaw clamps for this purpose.

● Diffusing your hair upside down serves the purpose of pulling the hair away from the roots. However, this can take up to 30 minutes and isn't something everyone would have the patience to do. Alternatively it is also possible to style your hair upside down using a special brush and first running your fingers through your hair.

● Use 'O Clipping' at the root of the curls, this can help gain good height and volume and also add good lift to the hair. Alternatively one can also use double prong metal clips, vinyl clips, duckbill clips, etc.

● The best method of clipping the hair at the roots is to apply your styling products first, lean to one side, create an O by grabbing a small section of your hair and insert the clip by placing the mouth of the clip facing away from the side of the head.

● There are several products one can use to style the hair like moose, foam formula, etc. to help bulk up the hair and give it an airy texture.

● A hair pick is also a handy tool that can help create height and lift. The way this works is one can lift a section of the curls in an upward motion to fluff the curls underneath and add more volume.

Where to buy hair care products?

There are many places where one can buy hair care products from like a local hair care products store, a special hair care store online or any ecommerce store stocking such products. The best place to buy good hair care products is a special hair store since they tend to stock a wide range of products including special products that you might not find at other places. In fact, such stores are also the place where professional salons get their hair salon supplies.


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