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10 Contouring Kits For Creating Sculpted Makeup Looks

Contouring is a makeup trend used to accentuate the natural contours of the face by shading and lighting. This technique became notably more popular after the introduction of Kim Kardashian contour kits when everyone was trying to recreate her iconic sculpted look. Since then, more makeup brands have been creating their own contour kits in both powder and cream form. Here are the top 10 contour kits that you should try!

1. Smashbox Step By Step Contour Kit

Powder contour is great for beginners as it is easier to blend and apply. This palette has three shades for a light, medium or deep contour that can be adapted to a range of skin tones.

2. Lorac Pro Conceal and Contour Palette

Lorac created this palette for contour pros as it comes with many different shades for brightening, sculpting and shaping. It even has a double-sided contour brush that can be used on all areas of the face.

3. Too Faced Cocoa Contour Infused Contouring Palette

Chocolate lovers will be obsessed with these contour shades that are infused with cocoa powder. Besides the chocolate scent, these powders are blendable and have great shades for contouring.

4. Morphe Complexion Pro Face Palette in 8F Play Fair

This Morphe palette does it all! There are bronzing, contour, blush and highlighting shades for every kind of makeup look.

5. Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate Highlighter and Shader Duet

Tom Ford created this high-end contouring product that melts into the skin and comes with a brightening shade for extra sculpting.

6. Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit

One of the classic contouring palettes is from Anastasia Beverly Hills as it was one of the first brands to formulate one of these palettes. The pans can be deported and used in other magnetic palettes.

7. KVD Vegan Shade and Light Contour Palette

KVD Vegan has created the staple palette for any makeup lover looking to add contouring to their beauty routine. With its range of contour and brightening shades, it is easy to create a contoured look using this palette.

8. NYX Highlight and Contour Pro Palette

This palette is similar to the ABH one but with even more shades and an even better drugstore price point.

9. Elf Cosmetics Cream Contour Palette

Elf created the ultimate cream contour palette as these formulas, when warmed on the skin, melt to contour facial features. It even has a brightening shade for under the eyes and around the contour.

10. Fenty Beauty Match Stix Contour Trio

Why buy one Fenty Beauty contour stick when you can get 3! This set is curated with three matching sticks; one from brightening, one from contour and another for highlighting. They are even magnetic so they will stay together in your makeup bag.


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