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10 Morphe Brushes You NEED In Your Collection

Over the years, Morphe has established itself as a leading makeup brand particularly when it comes to makeup brushes. Whether it be their signature individual brushes or collaborative brush sets, Morphe brushes have become staples in every makeup artist and beauty lovers kit. The brushes are high quality and there are so many types to choose from there is always a new brush you need to buy. Keep reading this article for our top 10 picks for Morphe brushes you NEED in your collection.


1. Madison Beer X Morphe Channel Surfing Eyeshadow Brush Set

This set which was designed in collaboration with Madison Beer has all the eyeshadow brushes you could need for a bold or soft glam eyeshadow look.

2. M439 Buffing Foundation Brush

Foundation is best applied with a buffing brush first and then with a sponge. This buffing brush has just enough density to evenly spread the product along the skin without looking streaky.

3. M173 Chubby Buffer Concealer Brush

This brush is my personal favourite from the list because I honestly can't do my concealer without it. The smaller shape allows for effortless buffing of liquid concealer in tight corners and all the way up to the lower lash line.

4. Morphe X Jaclyn Hill The Master Collection

Why pick one brush when you can have them all? This set which was curated in collaboration with Jaclyn Hill has every single brush you could ever need for all kinds of makeup looks.

5. E4 Angled Contour Brush

An angle shaped brush is needed in any makeup kit especially if you want to achieve a beautiful bronzed look. The slant of the bristles makes it easier to apply product to the forehead, jawline and hollows of the cheeks.

6. M501 Pointed Blender Highlighter Brush

A super glam look is never complete without a beaming highlight, one which is best applied with a pointed highlighter brush. The tip of this brush can cover large surface areas making it a great fit for highlighting cheekbones and the bridge of your nose.

7. M510 Round Blender Highlighter Brush

This brush is a must because it can be used for so many purposes! Think of it as your versatile brush for blush, highlight, bronzer AND baking.

8. M536 Under Eye Bullet Powder Brush

Baking is a highly important part of the makeup application process but it cannot be done without the right brush. The shape of this brush is pointed, helping to get into the tiniest corners of the undereye and brush away the powder.

9. M165 Angle Liner/Brow Eyeshadow Brush

With trends like the reverse cat eye becoming super popular it is important to invest in a good liner job. This one is great as it can also double as a brow brush for filling in with a pomade.

10. M433 Firm Blending Fluff Eyeshadow Brush

Everyone needs at least one good eyeshadow brush to do all of the blending and this is a perfect choice! The shape is versatile for working across the whole eyelid and lower lashline.


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