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5 Marvelous Beauty Tips for Dry Skin

This is a guest post. It has been edited post submission to ensure clarity and cohesion with other Miss Makeup articles. Read to the end for detailers on our guest poster!


Just because dry skin doesn’t have to face major skin problems like acne, pimples, and blackheads that doesn’t mean that people with dry skin does have anything to worry about. Only dry skin beauties can understand the distinct skin problems they are dealing with. Obtaining a gorgeous glow is quite challenging when your skin is constantly dry but proper skincare and effective beauty tips for dry skin are the way to get sparkling glowing skin that you've yearned for.

Dry skin leads to skin peeling, discolouration, itchiness, dry patches which arent considered a big problem by most folks but it actually is for those who suffer from it. If it remains unattended it can lead to skin cracking and can strip the skin of natural oils.

I know how hard it is to try to get your dry skin nourished. No matter how much time you moisturize your skin in a day, it stills remains dry and flaky. But I want to tell you one thing. if your skin is still getting dry after moisturization. This certainly indicates that your skin is starving for proper hydration and nourishment. Just moisturizing is not a solution to cure skin dryness. You've got to follow effective dry skin beauty tips to bring back your skin vitality.

Before we get started with how to treat dry skin. We need to get into the roots of the causes of dry skin to cure it permanently because prevention is always better than cure.

What causes dry skin?

Dry skin folks probably get to hear the things like, "don’t you moisturize your skin or use a good skin moisturizer?" Your skin is peeling and especially when wearing makeup it makes them feel embarrassed. But it is not their fault at all. There are some hidden culprits that nobody points out.

1. Genetics

Your genes can be one of the reasons for your dry skin. You can’t change your genes but keeping your skin nourished is still what we are capable of doing.

2. Dehydration

Water is an important factor to keep any living thing alive. Lack of water impairs skin elasticity and collagen and makes it dull and lifeless.

3. Dry and Cold Air

Cold and dry air causes scarcity of hydration in the skin by evaporating nourishment from it.

4. Lack of Nutrition

When skin doesn’t get enough nutrients it starts to become dry and dull.

5. Harsh Soap

Soaps contain sodium lauryl sulphates which remove natural oil from the skin and can cause skin irritation and inflammation.

6. Hot Showers

Hot water impairs skin cells which lock moisture and remove natural oil from the skin.

7. Alcohol-based Makeup and Skincare Products

Products that contain alcohol strip off the moisture of the skin and make it flaky and irritant.

So let’s learn about these amazing beauty tips you are waiting for:

Despite being dry and flaky, dry skin has a lot of advantages that you should be grateful for. Oily skin and normal skin people have to endure breakouts, pimples, and blackheads. If dry skin is taken care of as it needs to be it can be magnificent and impeccable.

I mostly emphasize using natural methods for skin problems because I strongly believe natural ways are best to replenish skin and nourish it deeply. So I have included some natural beauty tips for dry skin as well as some makeup tips for dry skin.

1. Switch To Cold Showers

I really can’t deny the fact that hot water is3 relaxing and everyone loves it because of its pain-relieving effects. In spite of having these good relaxing effects it does great harm to the skin. Hot water impairs the outer layer of the skin called the epidermisis which is responsible for keeping moisture in the skin.

2. Use Skin Care Products That Nourish

Dryness on the skin is mainly caused by lack of nourishment and moisturizer. The nourishment it will get from inside, the more healthy and glowing it will become from outside. It’s as simple as this. Moisturizing is not enough to cure dryness. Your skin needs to absorb nutrients like vitamin A, E, C, Collagen protein, and fatty acids to get adequate nourishment.

3. Make Natural Oils A Part Of Your Night Skincare Regime

Maybe there is a huge range of night cream available to restore moisture in the skin but natural oils deliver terrific results by their amazing moisturizing properties. Argan oil, Castor oil, Olive oil, Jojoba oil comes in a list of incredible oils that immerse in your skin and replenish nourishment and moisture into every cell of it.

4. Exfoliate Dead Skin Cells

Exfoliating scrubs mostly famed for whiteheads and blackheads removal and dry skin doesn’t have to deal with it. But because of excessive dryness, skin becomes flaky and starts to peel off as a result accumulation of dead skin cells on the skin is apparent.Healthy skin is right under the dead skin cells in order to bring it on top dead skin cells need to be pulled out. Use a gentle moisturizing scrub to pull out dead skin cells to get rid of dry flaky skin.

5. Choose Your Makeup Products Wittingly

Before trying makeup on your dry skin, be sure that the product ingredients are in accordance with dry skin. So prepare your skin with the best dry skin primers that keep skin moisturized and smooth. Hide imperfections with top concealers for dry skin and flaunt flawless skin with the best dry skin foundation.

Every coin has two sides. So does having dry skin. But right skincare can reduce the downside of dry skin to a minimum and leave you with marvellous glowing skin that people won’t stop admiring

Author Bio: Ayushi Sharma is a very interesting storyteller and an amazing content writer, she holds a Master Degree in English Literature. She is very passionate about beauty-related topics and she has an amazing skill of writing high-quality engaging content. Currently, she is working with Beauty Tips Network.

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