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How To Find The Perfect Bridal Makeup For You

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Planning a wedding can be stressful enough without having to think about your dress and makeup as well. Brides often go through many makeup trials, and can feel very stressed about finding the perfect bridal makeup for their big day. Every bride deserves to feel beautiful and confident on their big day, and finding the right makeup is a big part of that.

It doesn’t have to take hours of research and trials to find the perfect bridal makeup for you. Here are all the best tips to find the best wedding makeup look for you!

Bring Lots of Inspiration To Your MUA

Many brides have a clear idea in their head for how they want to look on their big day - whether they want to go full glam or go for a natural dewy makeup look. However, it can be hard to communicate exactly what you want to your MUA, so make sure that you’re getting plenty of inspiration from celebrity pictures and Pinterest boards. This way, your MUA can get a clearer idea of the look you’re going for, and find ways to create the best look to suit your face and that will photograph well.

Match Your Bridal Makeup To Your Wedding Theme

One of the most important parts of wedding planning is making everything look cohesive, that it matches. Making sure your overall bridal look and bridal makeup match your wedding theme will make the whole day feel more thematically coordinated. For example, if your wedding is a glamorous evening affair in a beautiful setting, you might want to consider going for a full glam, glittery makeup look. If you’re having a beach/woodland wedding, you might want to consider choosing a more natural, earthy makeup style. This way, you will look like the wedding was designed just for you, which it was!

Pick Colours That Complement Your Wedding Colours

Colour theory is one of the crucial aspects of creating beautiful makeup looks. You need to be able to find the line between choosing colours that look right on you and also look great in the setting - this will ensure that your pictures look amazing! In cold seasons and moodier venues, jewel tones, smoky eyes and nude lips often match the setting the best. In summer settings, peach and coral makeup tones tend to photograph better. Think very carefully about your makeup colour selection and choose a colour palette that suits the theme, wedding colours and of course, you!

Do Plenty of Trials

Finding the perfect bridal makeup look for you can take a bit of work - make sure you choose an MUA you’re comfortable with and can be available for trials. If you’re doing your own makeup, you should do plenty of trials before the big day. This way, you can try out different looks and see what really suits your face. You should also make sure that you photograph your trials, so you can make sure the look you go for will also look amazing in pictures and videos!

Don’t Be Afraid To Go For Your Signature Look

One of the main problems that trouble brides is they feel they have to go for a drastically different look on their wedding day - however, this can mean you feel less confident and less like yourself! Don’t be afraid to take your everyday look and refine it for the wedding! For example, if you love to wear winged eyeliner every single day, elevate the look with some glittery eyeshadow and some lashes. If you’re usually makeup free, why not go for a really natural makeup look, such as some foundation, blush and clear mascara so you stand out in photographs? Don’t be afraid to look like yourself instead of influencers and celebrities - after all, your partner is marrying you!

Finding your bridal makeup doesn’t have to be daunting - as long as you love it and feel confident in it, that is all that matters!


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