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5 Reasons To Have A Makeup Free Day

Every once in a while, we need a makeup-free day. Whether you wear makeup daily for work or fun, it's vital to give your skin a chance to relax. It could be for a day, a month or even a year. April 26th is National No Makeup Day so why not celebrate! Keep reading to learn our 5 reasons why you should skip your makeup routine every now and then.

1. Saves Time In The Morning

By not putting on makeup in the morning, you can get extra minutes of sleep or work productively before your day begins. Applying makeup can take a long time depending on your typical look, so skipping a day can help you shorten your morning routine.

2. Have A Self Care Day

If you aren't wearing makeup, your skin is available for all kinds of skincare treatments. Try out a new face mask, splurge on a facial or give your skin a good double cleanse.

3. Opportunity To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

If you use your brushes daily, there is a high chance that you haven't cleaned them in a long time. Bacteria harbours in makeup applicators so it is important to regularly wash and disinfect your brushes. Use your makeup-free day as a chance to give your brushes a good clean.

4. Your Skin Will Thank You

There are dozens of benefits to leaving your skin clean and natural! Makeup can interrupt cycles of skin cell renewal, block pores and aggravate pre-existing skin conditions. If you notice an adverse change in your skin, it might be a sign to have a makeup-free day.

5. Gain A Better Understanding Of Your Skin

Take the time to look at your skin and monitor how it looks throughout the day. You can learn more about your skin type, reaction to different temperatures and if there are any concerns that need treating.


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