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All About Face Masks: Everything You Need To Know About The Self Care Staple

Face masks have become a staple in everyone's skincare routine due to their many benefits and social media fame. With so many kinds of face masks to choose from it can be hard to know what each of them is. This article is your ultimate guide to the different types of face masks and their benefits

Clay Masks

This kind of mask dries onto the skin clearing dead skin cells and excess oil. Clay has to purify properties that can tighten skin and reduce pores.

Sheet Masks

One of the more simple kinds of face masks, they are a cotton sheet soaked in ingredients your skin will love. Sheet masks are an instant boost of hydration to the skin and are good for a quick self-care treatment.

Bubble Masks

These masks quickly blew up on social media because of their bubbly look. When used they react with oxygen making your face look puffed up. They are great for tired skin as they deep cleaning,

Magnetic Masks

Magnetic masks work just like any other mask except they contain iron and are taken off using a magnet. Yep, you read that right the mask is attracted to a magnetic and will instantly come off when near one. If you are looking to reduce signs of aging then this mask is for you.

Peel-Off Masks

This ultra-satisfying mask is known for removing grime from your pores and stripping away blackheads. The mask is applied using a brush but is peeled off in one piece. It grasps onto the skin making it easier to clean out your pores.


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