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8 Most Magical Disney Themed Makeup Collaborations

Disney has had many makeup collaborations over the years for every type of character including villains, princesses and Minnie Mouse. These collections have come from a range of drugstore and high-end brands with products such as eyeshadow, lip gloss, powder and bronzer amongst the mix. Here are our top 8 favourite Disney themed makeup collections.

1. M.A.C X Cinderella 2015 Collection

One of Disneys earliest makeup collabs is their Cinderella collection with M.A.C. The makeup line was created for the release of the modernised Cinderella film and used the iconic blue colour to inspire its packaging. M.A.C used dainty pink and neutral colours to represent those of Cinderellas own makeup looks.

2. M.A.C X Aladdin 2019 Collection

Since Disney had been successful with their M.A.C collaborations in the past they partnered up again for an Aladdin collection. The product line was more colourful, playing with purple, blue and brown shades.

3. Dose Of Colours X Minnie Mouse

These makeup products are the cutest just like Minnie Mouse, the character they were inspired by! Dose Of Colours is known for its long-lasting pigmented liquid lipsticks and they expanded their range to Minnie Mouse inspired shades.

4. Colourpop X Frozen

Colourpop was very innovative with their Disney collab because they split the collection into two parts; one for Elsa and the other for Ana. The collections had the same products (an eyeshadow palette, lipstick, lip gloss and eye shimmer) but the aesthetic is designed to suit their character.

5. Colourpop X Disney Villains

The Disney Villains collection is very vibrant but with deeper shades than the typical Disney collection. Each of the products was packaged and formulated to be inspired by some of Disneys most iconic villains such as Ursula and Maleficent.

6. Colourpop X Disney Designer Princesses 2018 Collection

Colourpop has had many Disney collections over the years but this one is the most classy and glamorous. It has a lipstick shade inspired by each princess, a 15 pan eyeshadow palette and individual super shock shadows in pastel colours.

7. I Heart Revolution X Disney Fairytale

If you are looking for a drugstore alternative of the Disney Princess collabs then check out this collection with I Heart Revolution. The palettes are packaged to look like storybooks and when they are opened they have both eye and face shades inside the cover.

8. Besame X Disney Princess: Ultimate Princess Celebration

Disney really targeted a luxury audience with this collab and it is absolutely stunning! The collection was gradually released with each princess having their own powder and lipstick set. It is very much a collector's item for any Disney Princess fan.


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