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5 Beauty Blender Dupes That Will Save You $$$

Beauty sponges are an essential makeup tool especially with the latest trends of cream and liquid products. Many beauty lovers would be happy to purchase one high quality beauty blender for over $30 but for many this just isn't realistic. Makeup sponges need to be replaced frequently, particularly for makeup artists who use them on many different people. Here are our top 5 beauty sponge alternatives for under $20.

1. Real Techniques Complexion Sponge - $17 AUD

Real Techniques have become highly recognised for their quality makeup tools including brushes and sponges. This sponge has both a flat and curved edge making it easy to blend in all areas of the face.

2. Makeup Revolution X Friends 2 Piece Blending Sponge Set - $16 AUD

These sponges aren't just practical but also super cute for fans of the TV show Friends. The set comes with two sponges so you won't have to restock for a while because you will have a spare.

3. Aesthetica Makeup Sponge Blender - $6 AUD

This sponge is designed to be vegan and latex free!

4. E.l.f Cosmetics Total Face Sponge - $12 AUD

If your favourite thing about the OG Beauty Blender is its bright pink colour then this Elf sponge will certainly appeal to you. Its flat and curved sides are great for blending cream products for contour, blush and under the eyes.

5. Morphe Highlight and Contour Sponge - $11 AUD

This Morphe sponge works best for blending cream contour products on the forehead, jawline and cheekbones. The thin tip is perfect for baking underneath contour lines.


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