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Beauty Through The Decades Part 2: The 2000's

In this trilogy of blog articles, I will be focusing on a decade of beauty, focusing on the trends, execution and celebrities that wore them. Here are the best 2000's beauty trends featuring all of your favourite 2000's stars. If you haven't already read the 90's article check it out here.

1. Glossy Lips

I think its safe to say that glossy lip is a trend that will never die out. The most popular style of glosses came in squeeze tubes with every colour imaginable available. More recently this trend has been reinvented to be more modern with the introduction of glassy lips. Most noticeably with the release of Colourpops Juicy lip glosses which are such a throwback to this decade.

2. Heaving Bronzing/Tan

Back in the 2000s, it wasn't uncommon to see girls walking around with very unnatural tans. This trend also reached the makeup industry with people applying crazy amounts of bronzer on their face. Colour matching foundation had not yet been perfected leading to many disasters of having the wrong foundation shade.

3. Tiny Tweezed Eyebrows

Overly plucked eyebrows was a trend that unfortunately didn't stay back in the 90s. Even in the 2000s people were still plucking their eyebrows into thin lines.

4. Heavy Blush

There was no exclusion to this trend with stars like Britney Spears regularly sporting this look. The phrase "less is more" was definitely not around in the 2000s.

5. Bold Eyeshadow Colours

When I say bold colours I don't mean bright reds and blues I'm talking about shimmery metallics. Forget about the base and transition shades, back in the 2000s people would reach for one sparkly shade and pack it ALL OVER their eyelid.


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- xoxo Miss Makeup

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