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The 5 Best Drugstore Eyeshadow Palettes Under $40

Many people think that drugstore eyeshadow palettes are the cheaper alternative to high-end palettes that are just for beginners to start out with. This is definitely not the case as drugstore can be just as good as high-end palettes. Some of the palettes are made from the same parent company in the same factory. So if you have been hesitant to try out a drugstore palette here is a list of great ones under $40.

1. Maybelline Nudes Of New York - $24.46 AUD

This palette was recently released by Maybelline and has been sold out in stores for weeks! With shades like that, how can people resist this nude eyeshadow palette?

2. Elf Mad For Matte Palette: Summer Breeze - $19 AUD

After a review from youtube Tati Westbrook, this palette soon blew up on online. For its cheap price, the palette has a great shade range as some seriously strong pigment.

3. Rimmel Magnif'eyes Nude Edition Palette - $23.95 AUD

A long time favourite with drugstore makeup fans, Rimmels eyeshadow palettes have great shimmer shades and come in so many different shade combinations.

4. Colourpop Going Coconuts Bronzed Eyeshadow Palette - $12 USD

One of my favourite Colourpop palettes has to be from the Going Coconuts collection. This palette is a steal as you get a great palette for such a low price. Plus it has really pretty nude shades for a neutral eye look.

5. Revolution Reloaded Velvet Rose Palette - $8 AUD

Revolution is hands down the best drugstore makeup brand! For the low price of $8, you get a 15 pan pigmented palette. Their shimmer shades create a beautiful foil look across the eyelid.


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