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Common Concealer Mistakes That Everyone Makes

Makeup beginners and experts are all making these concealer mistakes. From the placement to the right way to set it, here are the most common mistakes people make when applying their concealer.

1. Not Priming

Primer is essential to ensure you have a smooth base for your other complexion products. Applying concealer without priming will cause creasing and movement of the product throughout the day.

2. Using Too Much Product

By caking on your concealer you are emphasising your under eyes making them stand out against the other areas of your face. Concealer is an oily product so the buildup of oil from the layers of the product can cause skin problems in the area.

3. Wearing A Shade That's Too Light

Your concealer shade should be one shade lighter than your foundation shade. Any shade lighter can be too bright under your eyes and look too unnatural.

4. Not Using A Setting Powder

Just like how primer is essential as your concealer base, the powder is essential in setting your concealer. The right powder will lock the product into your skin and create a flawless-looking complexion.


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