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8 Gift Ideas For The Makeup Lover In Your Life

Looking for a present for the beauty guru in your life? The most obvious gift might be to just buy them more makeup but what do you buy someone who owns every palette, lipstick and eyeshadow. Here is a list of beauty-related gifts that would be a perfect birthday or Christmas present.

Lip Shaped Mirror

This lip-shaped mirror is a cute addition to any beauty room or vanity. While it may not be very practical it can be used as a decoration for aesthetic purposes.

Brush Cleaner Pad

It is a known fact within the beauty community that the best way to really clean your makeup brushes is using a brush cleaning pad. You can't go wrong giving one as a gift especially if you know someone who has way too many brushes to count.

Personalised Makeup Brush Engraving

I think I can speak for every beauty fanatic when I say that personalised products are the best part of any makeup collection. Heaps of beauty brands offer free or additional personalisation on products like brushes, lipsticks and palettes.

Beauty Sponge Holder

Makeup lovers usually have an endless supply of beauty sponges and these cute stands are a good way to display them. You can buy them in rose gold, silver and in a bunch of different styles to suit any aesthetic.

Beauty Tips Book

You can never learn too much about makeup and books that are written by the industry's best will keep your makeup lover knowledgeable on the latest trends.

Vanity Light Up Mirror

Makeup should always be done in great lighting so a mini vanity mirror is a great gift for someone who does their makeup often. Some mirrors have a magnified section and others even have Bluetooth speakers attached!

Makeup Brush Cleaner

Makeup brush cleaner is something that a makeup lover can never get enough of. Investing in a high-quality solid cleaner will keep their brushes squeaky clean for a long time.

Glow Gurl Co Lipstick Collection Canvas

If you know someone who has more lipsticks than they can count then this gift is essential. They're able to show off their lipstick collection and keep track of the shades all in one place!

Sephora Favourites Set

The Sephora Favourite collections are great because they let you try products from a bunch of different brands. Giving this set as a gift will ensure that the person will find something they love within the set.


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