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Makeup Artist Angela Peralta Talks Beauty Tips, Working On Set and Industry Secrets

1. When did you first get into beauty and what made you choose it as a career path? I got into the beauty business when I was in college in Hawaii. I would do wedding makeup, worked at a cosmetic counter and did local photoshoots. I loved doing makeup and creating “looks” but I didn’t think I could actually make a full time living at it. I had to work a regular job and do makeup on the side until I decided to take a leap of faith and go for it full time. The freedom of being able to do something that’s fun, creative and ever-changing is what drove me to pursue my passion.

2. How do you prep the skin before applying makeup? Skin prep is everything! Beautiful makeup starts with beautiful skin. Everyone has a different skin prep according to their needs. I love to prep the under eyes with hydrating patches. I like to use a toner before applying any skin prep and then I will use a serum or moisturizer depending on skin type. I always use a primer and finish prep with a mist of a calming or hydrating spray.

3. If you could pick one ‘must have’ beauty product on set, what would it be? One product that I can’t live without is a great lip balm!

4. What has been your favourite makeup look on Good Trouble so far? The burlesque makeup looks have been my favourite looks so far this season. They were fun to create and we got to use lots of sparkle and beautiful lashes.

Pictured: Good Trouble star Emma Hunton playing Davia in burlesque makeup

5. In the fast-paced beauty environment, how do you keep up with the latest trends and product launches? I’m always reading about different products and learning. Sephora and Ulta are like my library. I can spend hours there playing with products. My last obsession is all the green and vegan products. There are so many choices compared to just 5 years ago. I also love trying the smaller brand companies because I feel they truly put an emphasis on quality.

6. What are your best tips to help makeup last, especially during long days on set? Primer, primer, primer! And then a great setting spray. My favourites are “Milk” primer and setting spray.

7. Can you spill any on set secrets from working with the cast of Good Trouble? The only secret I can spill is this cast is amazing! They all get along and the environment is family! They truly all care about each other and it really shows in their performance on camera.


8. How much of each makeup look is your own creation and how much is a collaboration with the client or team? Everything is a collaboration. I bring my ideas and work with our costume designer, the showrunner and the actress to come up with the final concept.

9. Of all the different types of events/projects you have worked on, what is your favourite to do makeup for? BEAUTY! I love beauty makeup. It’s what I’m good at.

Pictured: Angela Peralta with actress Jenna Fischer

10. Do you have any people in the industry that you look up to and inspire your work? Pat McGrath is amazing! She is inspiring and I’m obsessed with her products. The looks she has created over the years are gorgeous and she is always creating. When I need inspiration I look at her Instagram.

11. Any last pieces of advice for anyone wanting to pursue a career in beauty? My best advice is if you are truly passionate about this business be ready to sacrifice for a while. Be ready to set egos and expectations aside and just learn, learn, learn! Work with people that align with your creative vision. I had to work for free for many years before I got a paying gig. It’s how this business is. It’s a process! Be ready for that process if you want to pursue a career in makeup.


Thank you to Angela Peralta for completing this interview for Miss Makeup! You can find her on her website and on Instagram @makeupbyperalta

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